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Latest Local Government News

Pickles teleconference

Pickles targets five boroughs over 'Town Hall Pravdas' Subscription Required

17-Apr-2014 3:59 pm | By Chris Smith

LGA condemns action as interference in local democracy

Houghton calls for LGA rescue service Subscription Required

17-Apr-2014 0:01 am | By Mark Smulian

Peer review should be adapted to help those at greatest financial risk

Tim Taylor

Councils meet to exploit tidal power Subscription Required

17-Apr-2014 1:07 pm | By Mark Smulian

Bristol Channel tide provides conditions for renewable energy

Milton Keynes

Missing city deal absorbed by LEP Subscription Required

17-Apr-2014 3:03 pm | By Mark Smulian

South Midlands bids for £60m from local growth fund

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Nick Golding

Volatility hinders the growth goal

10-Apr-2014 | By Nick Golding

If the predicted economic growth of 2.7% results in expectations of reduced income, the business rates system is not working

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Alisoun Milne

Invest in social work with older people Subscription Required

17-Apr-2014 | By Alisoun Milne

It makes ethical and economic sense, says Professor Alisoun Milne

Tom Stannard

The rebirth of LEPs is under way Subscription Required

14-Apr-2014 | By Tom Stannard

This time we have the ingredients to make them flourish, say NIACE’s Tom Stannard

Children’s services review is not a threat to council control Subscription Required

14-Apr-2014 | By Mark Rogers

Birmingham’s Mark Rogers says Le Grand’s report is good news for local authorities

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Latest Roundtable

LGC roundtable in association with Newton Europe

Wedded bliss or a recipe for divorce?

26-Mar-2014 | By Hannah Fearn

For every positive tale of health and care working together there’s another highlighting a l lack of communication. LGC’s latest roundtable asked what barriers remain, and how they can be removed. By Hannah Fearn

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Latest Comment from LGC's Partners


Budget 2014: another reason for authorities to embrace disruption

10 April 2014 | By Paul Bradbury

Significant savings require a ‘disruptive’ model of service redesign, says Civica’s Paul Bradbury

Dan Lord

Courageous leadership is key

10 April 2014 | By Dan Lord

Councils are recognising the need for more innovative solutions, says Capita’s Dan Lord

Sue Higgins

The better care fund is not enough Subscription Required

14-Apr-2014 | By Sue Higgins

The government must do more to help integrate health and care services, says the NAO’s executive leader Sue Higgins

Alastair McLellan

Shut off the foundation trust pipeline Subscription Required

11-Apr-2014 | By Alastair McLellan

For the great majority of NHS trusts, achieving foundation status is a potentially damaging distraction

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Efficiency supplement April 2014

LGC Efficiency Supplement – April 2014

April 2014 online article

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Why does the social and mutual enterprise agenda feel so difficult? Subscription Required

5 December 2013 | By Chris Brophy

Many individuals and many organisations would like to be thought of as innovative, but in reality rather fewer want to abandon the current way of doing things and strike off in a different direction.

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