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Neil McInroy

Neil McInroy is chief executive of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies . He has recently returned from a series of visits around the world to see how economies can be boosted by action from local authorities.

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The way forward for LEPs

Posted by Neil McInroyTue, 23 Aug 2011

Local economic development is as much about setting the conditions for future success as immediate short term gains, writes Neil McInroy.

Local Government must ensure they retain a place stewardship role

Posted by Neil McInroyTue, 15 Mar 2011

Local government does a special place stewardship job. We risk losing this if the vast majority of services are outsourced. We need to have a greater debate on the risks.

Local economies in peril?

Posted by Neil McInroyWed, 9 Mar 2011

Good policy is never enough, we also need plans. Many of our local economies, will continue to fail or lose their edge, unless we start linking up local economic policy into strategy, considering the wider aspects of place.

Localism needs to deliver on community cohesion

Posted by Neil McInroyTue, 8 Feb 2011

Local government is rethinking its community cohesion policy. New research indicates that local and central government must maintain investment or jeopardise the big society project and local economic success.

Cooperatives cannot be the bargain basement for local services

Posted by Neil McInroyMon, 22 Nov 2010

Innovation and new ways of delivering public services are essential. However, we must not unleash an abuse of cooperative traditions, which fragment and denude the standards of public service delivery. We cannot create a hollowed out local government who can no longer effectively steward the destiny of local places.

Big society needs to strengthen the way we already live - not undermine it

Posted by Neil McInroyWed, 10 Nov 2010

For all the talk about big society, small state we need a big awareness about what we could be losing. Many of things we cherish about our community life in Britain is not unbreakabe. It needs to be shielded, grown and nurtured.

High stakes in rebalancing local economies

Posted by Neil McInroyThu, 2 Sep 2010

The government wishes to rebalance local economies away from public sector employment. For it to happen the government and local authorities are going to have to seriously consider the mechanisms and resources required to do this. The market will not do it on its own.

LEPs must nurture adaptable local economies

Posted by Neil McInroyTue, 24 Aug 2010

Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), need to now get on and start thinking about what they need to do. In this they need to reject the economics of the past and acknowledge that economic complexity is the norm and that they need to be the hub for an adaptable local economy

LEPS: Be bold, but we need to focus on what they are going to do

Posted by Neil McInroyThu, 5 Aug 2010

LEPS, could bring about a real shift change in the culture of local economic thinking and rebalancing our economy. However, they are in danger of making the same mistakes of the past. We are jumping into debates about form, without looking deeply at function and the relationships within our local economies.

Cuts with a future

Posted by Neil McInroyTue, 4 May 2010

We need to have a plan for cuts. Short term gain through cuts could result in longer term pain if we do not consider and think about the coinsequences and pernicious affects the cuts may have. We cannot leave local government ill equipped to deal with future economic turbulence, environmental change and social events.

Local Government needs flexible geographies

Posted by Neil McInroyFri, 22 Jan 2010

In economic terms we need flexibility which allows local authority areas to work together and do different things at various geographic scales. For this to happen, we cannot get so hung up about fixed institutions at specific scales

Snuggle Cities

Posted by Neil McInroyTue, 22 Dec 2009

We cannot let city centres suck the economic identity out of our local ‘secondary’ places, or let the economic development growth model of the city centre weaken local economic regeneration.

The local state we are in

Posted by Neil McInroyTue, 17 Nov 2009

The local state we are in - requires local economic thinking to start paying attention to inequality, poverty, low income and worklessness and families and communities who are suffering. Cameron’s speech gets part of this in his praise for and call for ‘helping communities, families and individuals’ in a ‘big society’. However real change on poverty requires coordinated place based action. Mr Cameron - we need a brave and ‘big’ local state to do this.

Doing ‘more for less’? We are going to need more!

Posted by Neil McInroyThu, 29 Oct 2009

The notion of ‘More for less’ is being touted around as a means of dealing with public sector cuts. It will not be enough to avert a new wave of social and urban decline and all its consequences.