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Opinion from LGC

What sector leaders think about the issues that affect local government

Michael White

Stevens skips through the minefield like a bomb disposal expert Subscription Required

31-Oct-2014 | By Michael White

The true politician last week was the NHS England chief executive, says Health Service columnist Michael White

Alastair McLellan

Burnham fills in the blanks on 'reform without reorganisation' Subscription Required


If Labour triumph at the election it may well be said it was ‘Andy wot won it’, says Health Service Journal’s Alastair McLellan


Political pressure is on in this age of entitlement Subscription Required

25-Oct-2014 | By Michael White

There’s a frenzied bidding war for a shrinking pot, says Health Service Journal columnist Michael White

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Latest briefings from LGC's panel of experts

Miguel Coelho

Barriers to housebuilding are coming under increasing pressure Subscription Required

31-Oct-2014 | By Miguel Coelho

Problems of housing affordability are impossible to ignore, says the Institute for Government’s Miguel Coelho

Local government has rediscovered its sense of purpose Subscription Required

31-Oct-2014 | By Mark Rogers

The sector has regained its confidence and is ready for action, says Birmingham’s Mark Rogers

Rachel Tiffen Cipfa

To tackle fraud we must bring every area of public spending under scrutiny Subscription Required

29-Oct-2014 | By Rachael Tiffen

Councils must be honest about the nature and scale of the challenge, says Cipfa’s Rachael Tiffen

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Tony Trravers

Labour's Scottish problems reveal the weaknesses of centralisation Subscription Required

28-Oct-2014 | By Tony Travers

Trying to run everything from Westminster will not end well, writes the LSE’s Tony Travers

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Inside Out: What is the secret to a 93% election turnout? Subscription Required


A trip to Malta shed some light on the subject, writes LGC’s insider

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Peter Hogg EC Harris

Finding the right partners to drive economic growth

EC Harris’ Peter Hogg on how councils can identify good private sector partners

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