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What sector leaders think about the issues that affect local government

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Latest briefings from LGC's panel of experts

Michael Lockwood

Osborne must seize the chance to put councils in control Subscription Required

25-Nov-2014 | By Michael Lockwood

Michael Lockwood says the public and councils are ready for power to shift to local authorities

Dick Sorabji, corporate director of policy and public affairs, London Councils

Financial reform is becoming a safe option Subscription Required

24-Nov-2014 | By Dick Sorabji

If change is coming it is because the balance of risks is shifting, says London Councils’ Dick Sorabji

Stephen Hughes

Devolution rests on getting the geography right Subscription Required

21-Nov-2014 | By Stephen Hughes

Stephen Hughes says we must devolve to areas with equal needs

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Tony Travers, director of the Greater London group at the London School of Economics

'All our eggs are in one battered basket' Subscription Required

18-Nov-2014 | By Tony Travers

Despite Britain’s decent performance in international league tables, improved government is undoubtedly required, writes the LSE’s Tony Travers

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Silhouette of a man's face

Inside Out: We face a 20-year battle to give everywhere devolution Subscription Required


We are heading for a typical British mess, writes LGC’s chief executive columnist

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Paul Bradbury Square

Social media and the future citizen

Paul Bradbury says social media changes the way councils interact with citizens

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