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Extra funding for 16 renewable energy projects across the UK ...
Extra funding for 16 renewable energy projects across the UK

totalling £1.8m was announced today by energy minister Stephen


The funding is part of the Department of Trade and Industry's £20m Major

Photovoltaic (PV) Demonstration Programme which helps householders,

public buildings, community projects and commercial ventures convert to

solar power. These are the sixth set of medium and large scale proposals

approved since the programme began in 2002.

The wide range of projects include plans to power a new racecourse in

Essex, a learning village in Croydon, and an education and resource

centre for children at the Eden Project, Cornwall.

Mr Timms said: 'Solar power is proving a valuable source of energy

and is making a big impact in construction projects across the country.

'The government is committed to increasing the use of renewable

energy and our energy White Paper includes a target of 10% of UK

electricity supply to be generated from renewable sources by 2010.

'Solar power will play a part in reaching this target. Solar power is

a clean and renewable energy store and its wider use will be good for

the environment and will benefit everyone.'

These 16 projects are expected to produce a total of 511 kWp, enough

energy to power more than 100 homes.


1. Kilowatt peak (kWp) is the maximum power output on a sunny day.

Under UK conditions 1kWp of PV cells could be expected to produce

around 750 kW hours of electricity in a year. The average household

uses 3,000-3,500 kW hours. Thus a 2kWp system might meet about half

of household's demand.

2. Patricia Hewitt, trade and industry secretary, announced the £20m First

Phase of the Major Photovoltaics Demonstration Programme (MDP) on

26 March 2002. Prior to that the government had supported the Domestic

and Large-Scale PV Field Trials, providing £5.4m to develop 500

solar powered homes and a furth er £4.2m for 18 solar powered public buildings.

The first round of funding under the £20m programme supported 8,19 were

approved in the second round, 18 projects supported in the third round,

21 in the fourth round and 12 in the fifth round.

3. Further information about PV Major Demonstration Programme can be

found < a="" href=''>here.

4. The Energy White Paper- Our energy future - creating a low carbon

economy -published in February 2003, increased funding for renewable

energy projects to £350m over four years.



Twenty-six applications were received for assessment in round six of

the Major Demonstration Programme. Sixteen projects were selected for

funding totalling 511.4kWp with a total grant funding of £1.8m.

The sixteen projects will be situated in seven regions of

the country. A range of installers will benefit from awards in this

round including BP Solar, Solargen Solutions Limited, Solar Energy

Installations, Solar Century and Wind and Sun.


Dundee City Council, Morgan School

This is a project to reconstruct a Grade A listed fire damaged

school. It is intended that the reconstruction will make the building

more sustainable. It will include the reuse of salvaged components

from the damaged buildings, use of sustainable materials and the

installation of a geothermal heat pump to provide space heating and

comfort cooling. A 34.8kWp photovoltaic system will be installed over

three roofs of the reconstructed buildings.

Size: 34.8kWp

Modules: Kyocera KC120 (Polycrystalline)

Installer: Solar Energy Installations

Grant: £115,978

Wick Fish Market, Wick

Wick fish market is situated in the highland area of Caithness and is

strategically located within the harbour area. The function of the

fish market building has c hanged in recent times with the decline in

fishing and it will now be used by the Environment Research

Institute. They intend to use the building as a test centre for

anaerobic digestion of organic waste. A 21.4kWp photovoltaic system

will be installed on the roof of this building, overlooking Wick


Size: 21.4kWp

Modules: Photowatt PW1650 (Polycrystalline)

Installer: Solargen Solutions Limited

Grant: £84,285* (subject to confirmation)


Southwark LBC

Southwark are redeveloping sites around the Elephant and Castle

district and are installing low energy demand buildings on the site.

The buildings are part of an EU-funded project on the development of

sustainable biocells. The buildings are designed to be carbon neutral

and will feature a 27.72kWp photovoltaic system with the electricity

being shared between seventeen properties.

Size: 27.72kWp

Modules: Sanyo HIP-J54BE2 (hybrid thin film-monocrystalline)

Installer: Solar Century Limited

Grant: £26,922

Roots and Shoots Centre, Kennington

A new education facility will be built in the Kennington area of

London. The centre will be an important community asset and will be

as sustainable as possible. The building will incorporate a range of

sustainable measures including solar thermal collectors, urban wind

turbine and sustainable building materials. In addition, an 11.52kWp

photovoltaic system will be fitted to the roof of the building.

Size: 11.52kWp

Modules: Sanyo HIP-J54BE2 (hybrid thin film-monocrystalline)

Installer: Solar Century Limited

Grant: £53,097

Sports Club Orient, SCORE , Leyton

SCORE will be a major new community venue managed by a not-for-profit

charity. The new facilities will be located on Oliver Road, opposite

the Leyton Orient football club and will include a creche, indoor

halls for community use and sports, a heal th centre and other

functions. A 19.9kWp photovoltaic array will be attached to the roofs

of the building using alustand consoles.

Size: 19.96kWp

Modules: Sharp NE-Q5E2E (Polycrystalline)

Installer: Solar Century Limited

Grant: £65,083

Croydon LBC

Croydon are building a new learning village consisting of a school, a

new public library, large adult education facilities, Croydon music

service and new sports facilities. The learning village will be

occupied by the Ashburton community school during the day and there

will be access to the facilities by the local community in the

evening. A 21.12kWp photovoltaic system will be integrated into the

fabric of the building using glass-glass modules and laminates.

Size: 21.12kWp

Modules: BP Solar glass-glass and monocrystalline laminates

Installer: BP Solar appointed

Grant: £70,896


Eden Project Limited

The Eden Project is the premier tourist attraction in Cornwall and

there are plans to build a new education centre for school groups.

The new education centre will have a striking leaf shaped roof and be

a sustainable building. Glass-glass monocrystalline modules will be

used to provide one side of the leaf structure and the system will

total 41.23kWp.

Size: 41.23kWp

Modules: BP Solar glass-glass laminates (Various sizes)

Installer: BP Solar appointed

Grant: £193,870

Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy

The Weymouth and Portland sailing club are building a world-class

centre for excellence in sailing in Portland harbour. It is intended

that the centre will host the sailing events for the 2012 Olympics,

if Britain are successful in their bid. An existing building in the

harbour is being refurbished to house the sailing academy and a

20.79kWp photovoltaic system will be installed as part of the


Size: 2 0.79kWp

Modules: Sharp NE-Q5E2E (Polycrystalline)

Installer: Solar Century Limited

Grant: £67,422


YMCA (England), Horsham

A new YMCA is to be built on an existing public car park site in

Horsham. The building will have a distinctive eye shape and will have

glass-glass photovoltaics integrated into the roofs of corridors and

staircases and the main vertical facade. In addition, integrated

monocrystalline laminates will be installed on the main roof. The

photovoltaic system will have a total rated capacity of 24.64kWp.

Size: 24.64kWp

Modules: BP solar glass-glass and monocrystalline laminates

Installer: BP Solar appointed

Grant: £84,322

Swaythling Housing Society Limited

Swaythling Housing Society are building a new housing development in

Southampton called the Chapel project. The first phase of the

development will include 68 flats and duplexes and a further

development of 174 dwellings is planned to follow. An ecohomes rating

of very good is being aimed for and sustainable features will include

75.24kWp photovoltaic system, low energy lighting system, high

insulation standards and condensing boilers.

Size: 75.24kWp

Modules: Sharp NE-Q5E2E (Polycrystalline)

Installer: Solar Century Limited

Grant: £217,216 (Subject to confirmation)

Essex County Showground Limited

The first new horse racecourse for 75 years is being planned at East

Leigh's in Essex. The impressive looking stadium will feature a large

82kWp photovoltaic system integrated into the glass canopy of the

main stand. Additionally, rainwater will be collected from the roof

for water flushing and energy efficient lighting will be installed.

Size: 82kWp

Modules: BP Solar glass-glass laminates

Installer: BP Solar appointed

Grant: £295,700 (Subject to confirmation)

Stoughton Community Centre Limited

A former barracks site of 57 acres in Guildford is being redeveloped

for community use. New buildings will include a large fitness and

health centre, a nursery for 128 children, a doctor's surgery, small

office units and a shop and restaurant. The new community centre will

include an integrated 9.18kWp solar roof, solar water heating system

and a ground source heat pump.

Size: 9.18kWp

Modules: BP Solar monocrystalline (BP585)

Installer: Solar Energy Installations

Grant: £30,591

Tower Homes

Tower Homes are building a new housing development consisting of five

houses in the Meadowlands district near Oxted. The new development

will provide affordable housing in the area and each of the houses

will have a 1.785kWp photovoltaic system. The buildings are designed

to be energy efficient and to obtain a high ecohomes rating.

Additional features include water butts for rain collection, low

energy lighting and low water use urinals.

Size: 8.925kWp

Modules: BP Solar monocrystalline (BP590)

Installer: Solar Energy Installations

Grant: £29,846


The Sheffield College

Sheffield College are building a new city centre campus building at

Hillsborough, Sheffield. The £14m complex will be one of the

largest building projects in Sheffield in 2004-5 and will provide

courses for 2500 students and 400 staff. A large 85.6kWp system will

be integrated into the vertical facade, rooflights and over the main

entrance area of the new building. The main vertical PV facade will

also provide acoustic soundproofing and be used as a Trombe wall to

provide heated air to the building.

Size: 85.6kWp

Modules: BP Solar glass-glass monocrystalline

Installer: BP Solar appointed

Grant: £362,298


Bridgend Bus Station

Bridgend County Borough Council are developing a new bus station and

as part of their commitment to the authority's local agen da 21

strategy, the bus station will have its own 15.8kWp photovoltaic

system. This will be the first application of photovoltaics in the

centre of Bridgend and will complement the large rooflight system

installed on the Ford factory in 1998. It is intended that the system

will elevate the profile of photovoltaics and will encourage other

organizations to implement photovoltaics in the region.

Size: 15.8kWp

Modules: Photowatt PW1650 (Polycrystalline)

Installer: Solargen Solutions Limited

Grant: £56,880


Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is building a new visitor and

education centre at Attenborough nature reserve. The design aim is to

make the building carbon neutral. It will be built using sustainable

building materials, ground source heat pumps will provide heating and

cooling. Solar thermal collectors will be installed to provide hot


Size: 10.88kWp

Modules: BP Solar 585 monocrystalline

Installer: Wind and Sun Limited

Grant: £40,803* (subject to confirmation)

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