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  • Comment on: News round-up 8/2: GCSE reforms slated for 2015

    Graham669's comment 8 February, 2013 12:06 pm

    I suppose the only kind thing to say about gove is that he must have had a lobotomy at some point, otherwise he could only be considered as grossly incompetent!
    Wow, cost cutting by closing fire stations, but then, unless it is a ministers residence the fire service are late getting to, they are not going to notice are they?
    The future prospects could be horrifying for some people!
    Flood defences, maybe they will save money by dredging the rivers and canals, increasing capacity, decreasing flooding!
    NHS trusts, ok some of the problems are down to poor management and not enough care to train staff in the right way, but if you make the quality driver financial, rather than clinical, more people will die needlessly, but osborne will be happy!
    Eastleigh By-election, if there is any justice in this world Labour will romp home!
    Children in poverty, I can only assume that the government do not want inconvenient statistics?

  • Comment on: Prepare for 'widespread financial failure', ministers warned

    Graham669's comment 30 January, 2013 4:07 pm

    It should be obvious to the least qualified of government ministers that you cannot cut, cut, and cut again, without consequences for government income and bringing tragedy to the most vulnerable in society. This charlatan load of rich boys are so inept as they persist with their farcical decisions, Brian Rix would have been proud of them.
    The rest of us are certainly not impressed, they should all face a vote of no confidence!

  • Comment on: News round-up 29/1: Civil servants issue service 'politicisation' alert

    Graham669's comment 29 January, 2013 3:51 pm

    What fun?
    Demoralised civil servants, who can blame them with this load of charlatan ministers!
    Economic growth - or Localism in action, local decisions by local people - until it doesn't suit the coalition!
    Autumn Statement - A desperate chancellor counting the pennies before he gets them!
    HS2 - How many millions of our money will be wasted in legal battles? Whether or not the stupid line is actually built!
    Public Health - Why is Aspartame still allowed? It is lethal, banned in many countries. Why can drinks manufacturers include chemicals to make you thirsty so you buy more, they should be banned, Coca Cola and Pepsi are designed to make you drink more! And the drinks manufacturers shareholders very rich. At the expense of our health!!!!!
    Holistic care sounds ok to me!

  • Comment on: Eric Pickles: a response

    Graham669's comment 10 January, 2013 12:34 pm

    E. Pickles, (I prefer 'pickled') is about the worst example of a government minister of any party or political persuasion!
    He may be interested in signing up for a conference in Manchester next month, 27th of February, to assist him, here is the link:
    Whatever, he is wrong on weekly bin collections, wrong on trying to penalise local authorities for doing a good job, amongst his other stupid pronouncements, and should be sacked by cameron for incompetence!

  • Comment on: News round-up 9/1: Parking charge increases criticised

    Graham669's comment 9 January, 2013 3:33 pm

    Parking - Councils do not make profits! Any surpluses generated help to keep down council tax!
    Increased Child poverty, obviously a policy by this government!
    Planning - I do hope pickled never gets the chance to decide a planning application!
    Walfare - To get the winter fuel payment you have to apply for it - What does that say about wealthy pensioners in hot countries? - Offer it and they will take it!
    Coalition mid term review? - Heck we have to put up with these charlatans for another couple of years, before getting rid of them!
    Outsourcing the probation service - another gift to the profit hungry innefficient contractors, helping to screw the tax payers while helping criminals!

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