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Figures have now been released by Lincolnshire CC which detail the amounts paid to their county councillors for the...
Figures have now been released by Lincolnshire CC which detail the amounts paid to their county councillors for the approved council duties they have undertaken during the financial year ending 31 March 2001.

The financial details show that total allowances paid from 1 April 2000 to 1 April 2001 to the then 76 members of the county council amounted to£338,387, compared to a total of£330,106 for the previous year's claim.

As in previous years, there is considerable variation in the level of payments made to individual councillors. These variations are due, in the main, to differing levels of responsibility attached to individual council members, for which special responsibility allowances are payable and the amount of time which individual councillors are able to devote to council work. The home address of members relative to the location of approved council duties is the main reason for differences in travel and subsistence payments.

The information is recorded in the Register of Elected Members' Expenses which is held at County Offices in Lincoln. The Register, in which all expenses are required by law to be recorded, is available for inspection by all Lincolnshire electors.

A copy of financial details relating to all 76 councillors follows.




ANDERSON MC MRLAB1080.000.000.001405.572556.245041.81

BLISS WE MRCON1080.003228.000.001075.911050.026433.93

BOLLAND DJ MRLAB1080.000.000.00412.40489.451981.85

BRADWELL PA MRSCON1080.000.000.00588.18518.622186.80

BRAY P MRCON1080.001080.000.001541.092613.626314.71

BUFFHAM PJ MRSCON1080.00540.000.00560.461027.113207.57

CHAPMAN ER MRCON1080.001080.000.001306.751331.024797.77

COUPLAND RA MRLAB1080.000.000.00299.9816.151396.13

CROFT IM MRCON1080.003228.000.002506.134956.0011770.13

DAVIDSON A MRLAB1080.000.000.00968.801076.813125.61

DODSWORTH JL MRLIB DEM1080.000.000.00937.541365.233382.77

EDGINTON DR MRCON1080.001080.000.001828.573663.097651.66

ELLIS GJ MRLAB1080.000.000.00420.7785.061585.83

FINCH C MRLIB DEM1080.000.000.00908.971016.633005.60

FIPPARD B MRLAB1080.000.000.00437.7077.601595.30

FISHER CF MRCON1080.00540.000.001448.102553.625621.72

FISHER JA MRCON1080.00486.05219.481710.092530.316025.93

FOSTER GM MRSCON1080.00540.000.002320.052309.246249.29

FRENCH M MRLIB DEM1080.001620.000.001045.54799.804545.34

GILCHRIST FE MRLAB1080.000.000.002073.342681.785835.12

GREENAWAY CWG MRIND1080.00276.000.00394.0777.231827.30

HARVEY B MRSCON1080.00813.000.001016.771286.494196.26

HELSTRIP C MRCON1080.00540.000.001235.252077.824933.07

HILL MJ MRCON1080.003768.000.00860.342638.278346.61

HOYES DC MRCON1080.001620.000.001139.571447.395286.96

IRELAND CR MRCON1080.00813.000.001857.131278.685028.81

JACKSON NI MRLAB1080.000.000.00429.2740.421549.69

JOHNSON J MRSCON1080.001080.000.00399.76553.023112.78

JUDGE HD MRSCON1080.003046.451029.921930.704863.1411950.21

KEDDELL PA MRLAB1080.000.000.00895.751736.473712.22

KENDRICK RJ MRCON1080.000.000.00393.52138.311611.83

KENNEDY MD MRCON1080.001620.000.001846.613764.598311.20

KENNY PR MRLAB1080.000.000.001175.711713.673969.38

KIRKMAN JA MRIND1080.000.000.00611.46801.402492.86

KNIGHT BL MRCON1080.00813.000.001878.526102.749874.26

KNOX A MRLAB1080.000.000.00276.5751.091407.66

LIBELL J MRCON1080.00813.000.001511.313394.506798.81

LOMAS DH MRLIB DEM1080.000.000.001730.921113.543924.46

MARTIN FMLIB DEM1080.000.000.00834.56587.312501.87

MAWBY DG MRCON1080.003768.000.001250.564361.1410459.70

METCALFE PV MRSLAB1080.000.000.00611.5120.111711.62

MILLINGTON TJ MRCON1080.000.000.00406.33616.782103.11

MOOR DC MRCON1080.0091.790.00240.03174.601586.42

MORGAN AC MRLAB1080.000.000.00285.1827.081392.26

MORGAN MJ MRSLIB DEM1080.000.000.00476.22571.912128.13

MURRAY NM MRLAB1080.000.000.00254.280.001334.28

O'CONNOR PJ MRLIB DEM1080.000.000.00629.39405.282114.67

PARKER RB MRLAB1080.002157.000.001259.47-240.854255.62

POLL EJ MRCON1080.00540.000.00626.30995.633241.93

POWELL BA MRCON1080.000.000.001109.121459.473648.59

RAINSFORTH R MRLIB DEM1080.000.000.00272.85184.741537.59

RENSHAW RA MR LAB1080.000.000.00728.44157.531965.97

ROBINSON PA MRCON1080.001620.000.001177.973736.757614.72

ROMNEY DJ MRLAB1080.000.000.00301.15208.091589.24

ROY SE MRSCON1080.00813.000.002312.221655.445860.66

SIMONS IJ MRSCON1080.00540.000.001601.511671.494893.00

SPEECHLEY WJ MRCON1080.004305.000.002385.3310438.8418209.17

SPENCER-GREGSON M MRSCON1080.001620.000.00654.941944.615299.55

TALBOT CA MRSCON1080.00540.000.001042.82237.102899.92

TAYLOR JA MRSCON1080.000.000.00629.392023.273732.66

TAYLOR SLLAB1080.000.000.00255.3257.501392.82

TEBBS CA MRLIB DEM1080.000.000.00757.021045.102882.12

TROLLOPE-BELLEW TM MRCON1080.00540.000.00460.47692.582773.05

TURNER AH MRCON1080.001080.000.002251.243281.877693.11

TURNER SI MRSLIB DEM1080.000.000.00762.71144.441987.15


WELLS C MRLAB1080.000.000.001121.341161.483362.82

WHEAT HG MRCON1080.001080.000.001702.906402.0810264.98

WHYLES SM MRSIND1080.000.000.00969.801287.813337.61

WILSON GC MRCON1080.00813.000.001431.002082.285406.28

WILSON L MRCON1080.003228.000.00911.084091.369310.44

WITNEY GF MRLIB DEM1080.000.000.00804.75321.222205.97

WRIGHT MK MRSCON1080.000.000.00769.57984.552834.12

WYRILL WR MRCON1080.004183.401855.601259.02547.878925.89

YATES RW MRCON1080.000.000.001361.24699.823141.06

YOUNG B MRCON1080.00540.000.000.001620.00

TOTAL FOR 2000/0182080.0056083.693105.0077286.20119832.45338387.34

TOTAL FOR 1999/0079867.6256494.673050.0376783.70113909.99330106.01

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