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davy jones

davy jones



Davy is a freelance consultant specialising in the areas of citizen empowerment, participatory budgeting, performance management and Local Strategic Partnerships. He is also a national commentator on the developing policy context for local services.

Davy is a Local Improvement Adviser with the Improvement and Development Agency, and works with the Consultation Institute, the Participatory Budgeting Unit and Progress through Partnership.

Previously, Davy worked for the Audit Commission for 8 years, leading on the acclaimed Area Profiles project, national PIs for local councils, quality of life indicators and most recently the Commission’s work stream on CAA & public engagement. Davy authored over a dozen national Commission reports on performance management, equalities, quality of life indicators and Area Profiles.

Davy also worked for 11 years in three London councils on strategic planning, performance management and policy development in both corporate and housing departments

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Comments (53)

  • Comment on: Paul Najsarek: let’s not forget the environment in our drive for growth

    davy jones's comment 19 December, 2017 11:17 am

    Well said Paul! But I wonder whether we should not be even more radical and question whether we need more growth at all, or whether the planet can sustain constant growth. Perhaps we should be focusing on improving well-being as our core goal, rather than GDP. Perhaps we should be focusing on redistributing existing resources more equitably. Much research suggests that for most people, more "stuff" does not make them happier. Those with least resources do need more to improve their well-being, but surely redistribution can tackle that.

  • Comment on: EXCLUSIVE: Labour plans to keep council tax referendums

    davy jones's comment 20 March, 2014 12:23 pm

    Appalling that Labour should come out with this. First they promised to jeep the spending limits, then to retain Gove's educational reforms, now the Tories referendums on Council Tax rises. It makes you wonder what the point of Labour is any more if it apes Tory policy on everything.....

  • Comment on: DCLG urges end to chief executive posts

    davy jones's comment 12 February, 2014 12:36 pm

    Absolute drivel from DCLG! So while private sector CEs get ever bigger salaries and are lauded to the skies for their innovation and brilliance, public sector senior officers are denounces as unnecessary fat cats. You couldnt make it up really - the bias is so transparent as to be laughable.

  • Comment on: Brighton: the battle for localism

    davy jones's comment 23 January, 2014 11:59 am

    The Greens are to be congratulated for their brave stand. Shameful really that Labour & Tories are conspiring to prevent local people having a say on such an important issue - what are they afraid of ?

  • Comment on: Cameron offers fracking incentive

    davy jones's comment 13 January, 2014 2:03 pm

    This grotesque bribe should be rejected by councils unless they want their local area despoiled by methane gas, contaminated water, gas flares and relentless heavy vehicle traffic. Why doesn't the Government offer these incentives on renewables ?

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