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Barry quirk

Barry Quirk: The next 30 years will demand new capabilitiesSubscription

18 February, 2019 By

Over the next 30 years to 2050, local government managers will need to dramatically develop their capabilities.

mike short

Mike Short: Unions must be given time and space to support councilsSubscription

15 February, 2019 By Mike Short

There can be no doubt that having fair and robust disciplinary processes in place is important to the smooth running of local authorities.

katie schmuecker

Katie Schmuecker: As Brexit nears, our next task is to tackle povertySubscription

15 February, 2019 By Katie Schmuecker

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund should be part of a new deal for poorer places.

karen grave 2018

Karen Grave: The consequences of getting things wrongSubscription

15 February, 2019 By Karen Grave

Sometimes the consequences of getting things wrong are so important that they give us real pause for thought and cause us to question our practices. 

Jerry hutchinson civica rt sept 16

Jerry Hutchinson: Disability is missing from our diversity debateSubscription

13 February, 2019 By Jerry Hutchinson

I don’t pretend to be an expert on disability in all its forms. Nor do I know everything about all the issues it raises.

blair mcpherson

Blair McPherson: A failing service tests if we are all in it togetherSubscription

12 February, 2019 By

Colleagues are wrong if they think there will be little or no ramifications for other directorates.

Ben rogers

Ben Rogers: We need devolution, not decentralisationSubscription

11 February, 2019 By

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that this country is too centralised.

Peter John

'Deprivation must be given due prominence in the fair funding formula'Subscription

8 February, 2019 By Peter John

Whatever decisions are made about the distribution of funding, what is essential is that the overall amount of funding for local government must be increased so that councils across the country are fully resourced to serve their communities.

Paul Carter

'Perfection will have to be sacrificed in favour of the practical on fair funding'Subscription

8 February, 2019 By

County Councls Network chair Paul Carter says his members are willing to explore whether there should be a role for deprivation

Jasmin ali

Jasmine Ali: We must act against this child mental health crisisSubscription

8 February, 2019 By

These formative years for children are not dress rehearsals.

tony hunter

Tony Hunter: Razzmatazz health plans could sink without the basicsSubscription

7 February, 2019 By

The pressure is thus on to act in a ‘co-productive’ way.

don peebles cipfa

Don Peebles: Clearer financial statements can rebuild public trustSubscription

6 February, 2019 By Don Peebles

The right balance in fiscal reporting will help finance teams and support local democracy.

Dick sorabji

Dick Sorabji: Funding review shows flaws in government machineSubscription

5 February, 2019 By

There is dark humour in listing the logical flaws buried in the government’s fair funding review.

Chloe smith mp

Chloe Smith: Everyone must commit to protect our democracySubscription

4 February, 2019 By Chloe Smith

The past few years have shown the value and significance of our democratic processes, underlining the importance of sustaining a flourishing democracy.

Kate dommett and Luke temple

'The public hate politics – but what is it that they hate?'Subscription

1 February, 2019 By Kate Dommett, Luke Temple

Local politics can be highly partisan, and inter-party disagreements turn people off.

stuart gallimore

Stuart Gallimore: The Brexit focus risks creating a lost generationSubscription

31 January, 2019 By Stuart Gallimore

“This will be known as the lost generation, because nothing is happening except Brexit.”

jane martin 960x640

Jane Martin: The ethics system must be stronger and clearerSubscription

30 January, 2019 By

But local authority ownership will play an important part in building the right culture.

Jacqui McKinlay

Jacqui McKinlay: Scrutiny can rebuild trust in commercial partnersSubscription

29 January, 2019 By

Last year seemed to catch out a few companies, some accused of not being upfront about problems, or exposed as operating unethically.

Sir Stephen Houghton

Stephen Houghton: The ministry must revise fair funding approachSubscription

28 January, 2019 By

Swapping one opaque formula for another is not the answer

John Sinnott, chief executive, Leicestershire CC

John Sinnott: The fair funding review is a challenge to the sectorSubscription

25 January, 2019 By

The mostly critical responses from local government to the government’s fair funding review reveal a great deal.

georgia gould

Georgia Gould: London councils must build inclusive economiesSubscription

24 January, 2019 By Georgia Gould

It’s easy to think that unemployment in the UK no longer poses a major policy challenge.

ashley mcdougall

Ashley McDougall: The three pressures facing children's servicesSubscription

23 January, 2019 By Ashley McDougall

Children’s social care is a genuine conundrum.

clive woodbridge crop

Clive Woodbridge: Independents must combine to beat the big twoSubscription

22 January, 2019 By Clive Woodbridge

To capitalise on the plummeting stock of Labour and the Conservatives in May we must be willing to work collectively.

joanne pitt cipfa

Joanne Pitt: Property mustn't eclipse other commercial successesSubscription

21 January, 2019 By Joanne Pitt

It would be a loss to the sector if growth in commercial property investment throws a shadow across other areas.

Robin Hambleton

Robin Hambleton: Local leadership is the answer to populismSubscription

21 January, 2019 By

Local leaders can make a major difference to the trajectory of their city or locality

Manjeet Gill

Manjeet Gill: Commercial activity needs a clear, fresh strategySubscription

18 January, 2019 By

As councils grow their commercial approaches – whether from trading internal services or creating housing companies – having a clear strategy is crucial.

Clive Betts

Clive Betts: Public services are stewing on the Brexit backburnerSubscription

18 January, 2019 By

I cannot think of another time in my life when a single issue has so debilitated policymaking.

waste management stock

'Commercial activity will bolster revenues and safeguard services'Subscription

17 January, 2019 By

Many have noted irony in ministers latterly urging caution about commercialism in local government.

Martin tett gt june roundtable 2017

Martin Tett: Simplified laws would let councils safeguard tenantsSubscription

17 January, 2019 By

Councils are determined to act against the minority who flout legislation, forcing vulnerable tenants to live in inadequate or unsafe housing.

jo bibby

Jo Bibby: Keeping us healthy is not just a job for the NHSSubscription

16 January, 2019 By Jo Bibby

jo bibby For years the British public have been told that staying healthy is entirely their responsibility.

Tony Travers

Tony Travers: constitutional pass-the-parcel shows system's flawsSubscription

15 January, 2019 By

This week’s parliamentary Brexit drama is merely the latest phase of a revelatory unravelling of the British constitutional arrangements. 

polly billington

Polly Billington: Our own Great Smog demands similar leadershipSubscription

15 January, 2019 By Polly Billington

As many people will die this year because of air pollution than died in the Great Smog of 1952.

david williams herts

David Williams: To sustain social care, councils need a prime roleSubscription

11 January, 2019 By David Williams

Reform is difficult when half of the health and social care service has one arm tied behind its back.

Paul Najsarek, head of paid service, Harrow LBC

Paul Najsarek: Moving public health to NHS risks a narrower focusSubscription

10 January, 2019 By

Now would be a good time for local government to confirm its ambition to reduce health inequality and work collaboratively.

ian miller 2 crop

Ian Miller: Councils can balance transparency, risk and returnsSubscription

9 January, 2019 By Ian Miller

With appropriate safeguards and procedures risk in property investments can be mitigated.

blair mcpherson

Blair McPherson: How councils recruit reveals a great dealSubscription

7 January, 2019 By

It didn’t start well.

rob whiteman

Rob Whiteman: Libraries tell us a tale of council transformationSubscription

4 January, 2019 By

We can view libraries as the canary in the coal mine for what is happening to our public services.

matthew vickers ombudsman services crop

Matthew Vickers: Trust is key to successful council energy schemesSubscription

3 January, 2019 By Matthew Vickers

The demise of Portsmouth City Council’s Victory Energy in August has led some sceptics to conclude that the public energy movement is living on borrowed time.

andrew carter

Andrew Carter: City leaders have a common ambition for changeSubscription

2 January, 2019 By

The current maelstrom of national politics has never illustrated it better: urban voices are being drowned out.

James Palmer

James Palmer: In recent months our partners have fully alignedSubscription

21 December, 2018 By James Palmer

It is only through partnership that Cambridgeshire & Peterborough CA can fully achieve its transformational agenda for the economy of this area.