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Sandy Hopkins

Sandy Hopkins: Why public service is like scoffing a strudelSubscription

10 December, 2018 By Sandy Hopkins

Integrated, efficient support is vital to delivering future services.

anna charles crop

'Round two for STPs: a fresh start or dangerous distraction?'Subscription

7 December, 2018 By Anna Charles

The new round of planning for sustainability and transformation partnerships must allow more collaboration.

professor cathy parker

Cathy Parker: town centre survival depends on more than retailSubscription

6 December, 2018 By Cathy Parker

Two stories have dominated the headlines over the past couple of months. Brexit, of course, and the fate of the high street.

Jeanelle de Gruchy, director of public health, Tameside MBC, and president, Association of Directors of Public Health

Jeanelle de Gruchy: Prevention paper must take poverty seriouslySubscription

6 December, 2018 By Jeanelle de Gruchy

Matt Hancock’s vision that prevention is key to longer, healthier lives is welcome. Councils have been saying this for years. 

Tony Travers

Tony Travers: Councils need more money or fewer responsibilitiesSubscription

4 December, 2018 By

This week’s local government finance settlement is the last one determined by the 2015 spending review. 

Robin Hambleton

Robin Hambleton: Raynsford offers radical planning reformSubscription

4 December, 2018 By

Local government will want to send out a warm welcome to a new report on planning in England.

Donna hall

Donna Hall: Manchester's reform will change lives for generationsSubscription

3 December, 2018 By

The traditional model of delivering public services is based on assumptions and processes from the turn of the century.

John Denham

John Denham: To truly take back control local government must helpSubscription

29 November, 2018 By John Denham

Of all the factors that went into the Brexit vote, one was most clear: the appeal to ‘take back control’.

oiver burt

'Councils have shown government to discuss waste honestly'Subscription

29 November, 2018 By Oliver Burt

The strategy due out later this year must take its focus and approach from local government’s cue.

Charlie Adan

Charlie Adan: Local government machinery gets in the waySubscription

28 November, 2018 By Charlie Adan

With determination and hard work, many good ideas come to fruition. But often they don’t.

matthew taylor

Matthew Taylor: Central failure should face a council commissionSubscription

26 November, 2018 By

In the rolling debate about how best to distribute power in the British state, we should turn our attention to the systemic problems of the centre.

horse racing

'Party politics is in disarray. It’s time to end the two horse race'Subscription

23 November, 2018 By Marianne Overton

Politics in this country is often seen as a two horse race, or perhaps three. But locally things are different.

Jo Miller Three By Two

Jo Miller: Within UK local government, England is the infantSubscription

22 November, 2018 By

In English local government we often look overseas to compare our positions to those of our peers.

Tony Travers

Tony Travers: the visible nature of austerity makes it global newsSubscription

20 November, 2018 By

British local government has become global news. The impact of eight years of austerity on councils in Britain has made them interesting to foreign correspondents based in the UK. 

carolyn wilkins

Carolyn Wilkins: Civil society needs connectedness and local powerSubscription

20 November, 2018 By

Oldham’s vision, like that of many other places, is for people and communities to have the power to be healthy, happy and make good choices.

michael voges

Michael Voges: Adult social care providers need a role in STPsSubscription

19 November, 2018 By Michael Voges

If you want to transform the system, you need to talk to the whole of it.

blair mcpherson

Blair McPherson: Councils should protect staff from themselvesSubscription

15 November, 2018 By

No one should retire with their life expectancy shortened, their physical and emotional health impaired or their relationships damaged.

alex khaldi crop

'Social care must take the starring role in its own story'Subscription

14 November, 2018 By Alex Khaldi

The way we protect and empower the people around us is part of what makes us human.

wera hobhouse mp

Wera Hobhouse: The latest Budget can only cost local taxpayersSubscription

13 November, 2018 By Wera Hobhouse

The last few years have seen the deliberate, systematic destruction of local government.

Phil Swann

Phil Swann: I'd back a revolving door between central and localSubscription

12 November, 2018 By

The current tension in France shows what can happen when it stops turning.

Tony Travers

Tony Travers: a spending freeze is what passes as good newsSubscription

9 November, 2018 By

The Budget promised local government little. The previously-made commitment to uncap the housing revenue account was confirmed, but otherwise councils were given few signs that, for them, austerity is about to end. 

jemima olchaws 2 cropped

'Public services need a gendered view to serve women properly'Subscription

9 November, 2018 By Jemima Olchawski

Having will and leadership locally is critical to ensuring the most disadvantaged women are not left to cope on their own

rob whiteman

Rob Whiteman: Hammond must understand, councils need cashSubscription

8 November, 2018 By

The chancellor seems not to understand there is simply not enough cash to sustain the expectations of public services

andrew gwynne

Andrew Gwynne: Councils still face austerity after this BudgetSubscription

7 November, 2018 By Andrew Gwynne

In the coming days and weeks, people will recognise that the prime minister’s promise has been broken.

Sir Stephen Houghton

Stephen Houghton: County need mustn't distract from urban plightSubscription

6 November, 2018 By

Torture the data and it will confess to anything – or so said British economist Ronald Coase.

joanne roney

Joanne Roney: Manchester must stick through its transformationSubscription

5 November, 2018 By

Integrating health and social care and further emphasising prevention and early help is a huge challenge – but one with enormous potential rewards.

Cllr roy perry hants cc

Roy Perry: We shouldn’t protect high spenders from fair scrutinySubscription

2 November, 2018 By

For a sustainable solution ministers must recognise and act on two problems

john sinnott

John Sinnott: The NHS must respect its social care partnersSubscription

1 November, 2018 By

Health bodies must rethink if if they want to keep local government on board


'All the country needs the same levers to support social mobility'Subscription

31 October, 2018 By Jonathan Werran

In our major cities, in our county towns, quiet villages and remote hamlets, the life chances of our young people are being shaped and affected by the unique characteristics of the places and environments which they inhabit.

graham galpin

'The Budget is a victory for communities and their high streets'Subscription

30 October, 2018 By Graham Galpin

As with all things, the chancellor’s budget policies aimed at helping high streets are good in parts, and less sure in others

Adam Lent

Adam Lent: The Budget leaves councils at Boris Johnson's mercySubscription

29 October, 2018 By

The chancellor was clearly feeling the hand of history on his shoulder. A new chapter and a turning point were declared as Phillip Hammond informed the house that austerity was now ending just like the prime minister said it would.

Adam Lent

Adam Lent: What local government should expect from the BudgetSubscription

29 October, 2018 By

The big Budget announcements for local government may have already been made. 

Dick sorabji

Dick Sorabji: Universal support reveals a government in troubleSubscription

29 October, 2018 By

Catastrophic disasters have multiple causes

Ben Houchen

Ben Houchen: Why free trade zones are not just for port placesSubscription

26 October, 2018 By Ben Houchen

Tees Valley mayor on why more places should explore the opportunities presented by free trade zones in the post-Brexit era 

sarah norman dudley

Sarah Norman: Lessons on system leadership from DudleySubscription

25 October, 2018 By Sarah Norman

Tenacity, talented colleagues and storytelling can overcome tricky problems

Tony Travers

Tony Travers: Hammond won't let the sub-national sort out tax messSubscription

24 October, 2018 By

Next week’s Budget is widely seen as of great importance for the country as it faces Brexit and on-going economic difficulties.

Simonjones 3

Simon Jones: We risk turning the clock back on communicationsSubscription

23 October, 2018 By

Cutbacks on communications end up costing the council more overall, with half the effectiveness

Clive Betts

Clive Betts: Funding solutions must address today's problemsSubscription

22 October, 2018 By

We need a long-term solution, but we must also see an adequate response to the challenges of the day

City of Sinners – Waterstones, Bradford Literature Festival

Kersten England: Collaborative leaders can cut through complexitySubscription

18 October, 2018 By

In an essay Bradford City MDC chief executive explains how her area is shifting from ‘benevolent paternalism’ to working with and alongside communities.

Matt Jukes

Matt Jukes: Record figures are welcome, but change must be feltSubscription

16 October, 2018 By

The economic success of the city must be felt by our wider population and not just by the majority

andrew carter

Andrew Carter: For towns to prosper we can't overlook citiesSubscription

15 October, 2018 By

The notion that towns struggle because cities have done well is misplaced