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Matt Jukes

Matt Jukes: Record figures are welcome, but change must be feltSubscription

16 October, 2018 By

The economic success of the city must be felt by our wider population and not just by the majority

andrew carter

Andrew Carter: For towns to prosper we can't overlook citiesSubscription

15 October, 2018 By

The notion that towns struggle because cities have done well is misplaced

rachel flower croydon

'Joined-up services will boost health and cut inequality'Subscription

12 October, 2018 By Rachel Flowers

Progress is about creating a person-centred way of working with key partners and, most importantly, the people themselves

Travers optimised

Tony Travers: let's demand no council is left worse offSubscription

11 October, 2018 By

“Austerity is over”. The prime minister’s conference speech received broadly positive coverage. 

trinley walker NLGN

'Without better data, government can't be accountable'Subscription

10 October, 2018 By Trinley Walker

The government is unable to capture detailed information on procurement with the private sector

John Henderson

John Henderson: Nato could teach councils about collaborationSubscription

9 October, 2018 By John Henderson

We should become comfortable with a leader who oversees policy and assurance and a local leader who steers tactical implementation

John Fuller

John Fuller: Districts have a new, powerful incentive to get buildingSubscription

8 October, 2018 By John Fuller

It wasn’t only the prime minister dancing after her speech at the Conservative Party Conference

Ed hammond

Ed Hammond: The two essentials for successful budget scrutinySubscription

5 October, 2018 By

At the moment there’s a gap and an urgent opportunity

peter fleming sevenoaks

Peter Fleming: Councils must pursue profit with a purposeSubscription

4 October, 2018 By

Councils are introducing new commercial strategies and activities to boost income, efficiency and local economic growth

Richard humphries

Richard Humphries: Is it time to be bold with the better care fund?Subscription

3 October, 2018 By

The upcoming review must flag opportunities to support the integration of the NHS and social care

Dick sorabji

Dick Sorabji: Electric cars are a classic test of big city governmentSubscription

2 October, 2018 By

Supporting the new vehicles will involve balancing three competing demands

rob whiteman

Rob Whiteman: The mood music has shifted in favour of prudence Subscription

28 September, 2018 By

Local government must strengthen spending plans’ capacity to weather present and future risk

steve brine

A plea from the minister: show us what works on childhood obesitySubscription

26 September, 2018 By Steve Brine

Today I am delighted to be unveiling our new trailblazer programme, which will provide bespoke support for councils to develop and deliver innovative local solutions to child obesity in their area.

dominic campbell

Dominic Campbell: those with vision and guile will own the futureSubscription

26 September, 2018 By Dominic Campbell

In my relatively short 15-year career, organisations outside of local government have begun to change out of all recognition.

Tony Travers

Tony Travers: the truth is out – Brexit will add billions to pay billsSubscription

25 September, 2018 By

As Brexit continues to batter the enfeebled British political system, its consequences move inexorably towards us. 

Isobel Darby

Isobel Darby: Don’t dismiss districts on prevention, Mr HancockSubscription

24 September, 2018 By Isobel Darby

When Matt Hancock gave his first speech as health and social care secretary, he said improving outcomes for patients is not just about improving healthcare in hospitals. It’s about keeping people out of hospital in the first place.


'Without a human-first approach, smart cities will create barriers'Subscription

20 September, 2018 By Kirsty Kelley

At Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, we have over 85 years of experience dealing with the issues and barriers faced by people with sight loss in remaining independent and accessing the world. 

blair mcpherson

'Is it ever legitimate for council officers to thwart political will?'Subscription

19 September, 2018 By

Prime ministers and presidents aren’t alone in complaining about public servants frustrating their plans

Simonjones 3

Simon Jones: Annual reports can redress the transparency deficitSubscription

18 September, 2018 By

The project made people think about their work, what they do, why they do it and the impact it has on people’s lives

karen grave 2018

Karen Grave: Overseeing transformation is a tough jobSubscription

17 September, 2018 By Karen Grave

The red lights are flashing across local government. I don’t think any of us can disagree with this, or the view that the red lights have been flashing for a very long time.

claire spencer

'A decade after crisis, the West Midlands wants inclusive growth'Subscription

17 September, 2018 By

The recovery from the 2008 financial crash has not fed through to all citizens – but that will change

Nikki Gibbons

Forgetting redundancy survivors can damage an organisationSubscription

13 September, 2018 By Nikki Gibbons

I have lost count of the number of redundancy programmes I have led in my experience as a HR professional in local government.

virginia crosbie and maria miller cut

Maria Miller & Virginia Crosbie: In elections, women must be askedSubscription

12 September, 2018 By Maria Miller, Virginia Crosbie

virginia crosbie and maria miller cut Local politics is a great way for women to get political experience and can encourage them into further roles

Travers megamenu

Tony Travers: redistribution does not equate to proper fundingSubscription

12 September, 2018 By

The National Audit Office has turned out to be one of local government’s best friends. 

paul woods cut

Paul Woods: We’re already missing opportunities for fairer fundingSubscription

11 September, 2018 By Paul Woods

The 2019-20 local government settlement is a chance for the government to make small steps towards a fairer funding system.

Sean anstee

Sean Anstee: Greater Manchester's future must be digitalSubscription

7 September, 2018 By Sean Anstee

It’s not overstatement to say the success of Greater Manchester’s huge ambitions are inextricably linked to its digital future

stuart gallimore

Stuart Gallimore: We must do more to protect 'hidden' childrenSubscription

6 September, 2018 By Stuart Gallimore

Vulnerable children are being excluded from school and let down when held in custody or secured settings

Esther mc vey

Esther McVey: Tech will help councils beat housing benefit fraudSubscription

5 September, 2018 By Esther McVey

By working closely with local authorities the Department for Work and Pensions is finding simple solutions that can have a huge impact

Tom harris david phillips ifs

IFS: Why spending needs assessments are a conundrumSubscription

4 September, 2018 By Tom Harris, David Phillips

New assessments of spending needs should be evidence-based and objective. Is that possible?

Richard Humphries

Richard Humphries: The two tales of NHS and council fundingSubscription

31 August, 2018 By

As summer slides into autumn, prospects for the NHS and local government look as uncertain as ever

Andrew Cozens

'Brexit uncertainty threatens social care on multiple fronts'Subscription

29 August, 2018 By

The absence of any robust coordinating mechanisms makes planning for exit difficult

Tony Travers

Tony Travers: spending squeeze will intensify calls for reorganisationSubscription

28 August, 2018 By

Northamptonshire CC dominated the news throughout August. The question of how the council can balance its books for 2018-19 remains work in progress. 

Dick sorabji

Dick Sorabji: Housing is a global city challenge – not a London oneSubscription

28 August, 2018 By

London’s biggest challenge is not unique to the British capital

Darren hughes ERS

'The government is wearing blinkers over voter ID'Subscription

24 August, 2018 By Darren Hughes

More voter ID trials will not deal with the fundamental flaws in the policy

Chloe smith mp

EXCLUSIVE Chloe Smith: Take part in voter ID pilots to shape reformSubscription

23 August, 2018 By Chloe Smith

Asking voters to show ID ensures our electoral systems are robust, improving security and confidence among voters

Clive Betts

Clive Betts: My demands for radical funding reformSubscription

22 August, 2018 By

It wasn’t long ago that ministers and senior civil servants were dismissing any suggestion that some local authorities were heading for the financial rocks – let alone that the whole sector was approaching dangerous waters.

Ed hammond

‘I’m sceptical, but citizens’ juries could restore democracy’Subscription

21 August, 2018 By

These participatory bodies cannot be treated as a quick fix for public engagement

blair mcpherson

‘We must find the real story in service failure’Subscription

20 August, 2018 By

Most people don’t look beyond the headline of service failure. They should