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nathan elvery

Nathan Elvery: why are Gatwick's skilled jobs not benefiting Crawley?Subscription

24 April, 2019 By Nathan Elvery

Obscured by the fog from Westminster’s Brexit theatrics, our national productivity crisis has evaded close attention and scrutiny. But recent economic signs and official statistics suggest this problem isn’t going away.

blair mcpherson

Blair McPherson: Improvement partnerships can hinder tooSubscription

23 April, 2019 By

A bombshell revelation from an interim director changed my whole view of a prospective job.

gilhespie julie for web

Julie Gilhespie: working for Tees Valley CA Subscription

16 April, 2019 By Julie Gilhespie

A dynamic region requires a combined authority workforce with a range of skillsets, says the Tees Valley CA chief executive 

steve rotherham

Steve Rotheram: Metro mayors have a chance to plan differentlySubscription

16 April, 2019 By Steve Rotheram

We are determined to make the most of Liverpool City Region’s devolved powers.

Catherine staite 02

Catherine Staite: How to decide if someone has integritySubscription

15 April, 2019 By

What do we mean when we say someone has or lacks integrity?

Stephen Hughes (left) and Martin Smith (right)

Stephen Hughes: Growing national income can fund local servicesSubscription

12 April, 2019 By

Setting public spending in the context of massive growth over 30 years would transform how we think about the future.

hilary cottam

Hilary Cottam: To tackle our challenges, start with people's livesSubscription

11 April, 2019 By Hilary Cottam

Changing systems to address the needs first requires asking the right questions of the right people, not top-down ‘service improvement’ within outdated contstraints.

Dick sorabji

Dick Sorabji: Economics could shift how London funds housingSubscription

10 April, 2019 By

The use of market incentives to encourage others to fund new house building may end.

Tony Travers

Tony Travers: Westminster's fate could depend on radical changeSubscription

9 April, 2019 By

Our over-centralised system of government is badly damaged and confidence is waning.

rob whiteman

Rob Whiteman: A wider response is needed to NorthamptonshireSubscription

8 April, 2019 By

Within local government there has been a gradual transition to a new financial reality.

jonathan werran

Jonathan Werran: Lay Brexit aside – place should be the focusSubscription

5 April, 2019 By Jonathan Werran

Local authorities must summon genuine support from every corner, and ultimately play to their area’s inherent strengths.

Jacqui McKinlay

Jacqui McKinlay: Governance will be central to our new paradigmSubscription

3 April, 2019 By

The market mindset took us a long way. But it’s time to move on.

stuart gallimore

Stuart Gallimore: The UK doesn't work for rising numbers of kidsSubscription

2 April, 2019 By Stuart Gallimore

But it could if the political will was there, and the public support.

Clive Betts

Clive Betts: My committee will try to solve the funding crisisSubscription

1 April, 2019 By

There’s no point in being unambitious!

blair mcpherson

Blair McPherson: The unorthodox stage of senior manager recruitingSubscription

29 March, 2019 By

The style is informal, but the conversation can be disconcerting.

Manjeet gill new website

Manjeet Gill: The Long Term Plan is a chance for our communitiesSubscription

28 March, 2019 By

Local government must positively build relationships and be seen as a partner in helping deliver the Long Term Plan.

barry lewis

Barry Lewis: Fair funding must recognise rural challenges Subscription

26 March, 2019 By Barry Lewis

Rural residents pay more, receive fewer services, and on average earn less than those in urban areas.

warren morgan

Warren Morgan: Councillors need more help when they retireSubscription

25 March, 2019 By Warren Morgan

If local government wants to attract the best in to its leadership roles, doesn’t it have a responsibility to help them out?

simon bottery

Simon Bottery: NHS can't look to social care to fix workforce fearsSubscription

22 March, 2019 By

Users of care services care who cares for them.

neil amin smith3

The IFS: how tax devolution could workSubscription

21 March, 2019 By Neil Amin Smith

Neil Amin Smith examines the case for a tourism tax and income tax devolution.

richard brown

Richard Brown: The south east suffers the London effect tooSubscription

21 March, 2019 By Richard Brown

England’s big cities are bouncing back, but connecting outlying towns is a challenge for south east England as much as the North.

Donna hall

Donna Hall: Troubled Families is community paradigm in action Subscription

20 March, 2019 By

Created in 2012 following riots in our inner cities, the government’s Troubled Families Programme has received praise and criticism in equal measure over the last seven years of its life. 

Judith Blake

Judith Blake: Councils needs support to embrace green financeSubscription

19 March, 2019 By Judith Blake

The science tells us we must act immediately if we are to avoid climate breakdown.

mike hawking

Mike Hawking: Inclusive growth must underpin industrial strategySubscription

18 March, 2019 By Mike Hawking

What is the purpose of economic growth? The answer to this question should be clear and obvious: to raise the living standards of all citizens.

Richard Humphries, senior fellow, policy, The King’s Fund

Richard Humphries: Turf wars are adding to local systems’ woesSubscription

15 March, 2019 By

The Long Term Plan means the NHS and local government are truly in it together.

Catherine Staite, emeritus professor of public management, University of Birmingham

Catherine Staite: How councils can assess their governanceSubscription

14 March, 2019 By

Getting governance right improves the confidence of decision makers, and makes their organisations kinder, more inclusive and more creative.

Tony Travers, director, LSE

Tony Travers: Small pots will not ease the Brexit discontentSubscription

13 March, 2019 By

A coherent strategy to enhance skills in disadvantaged areas is vital for meaningful change.

donna molloy

Donna Molloy: Response to county lines need not start from scratchSubscription

12 March, 2019 By Donna Molloy

The Early Intervention Foundation’s Donna Molloy says there are evidence based interventions councils can use 

mat shaer and dawn roberts cropped

In Birmingham we are working together to tackle gang violence Subscription

12 March, 2019 By Dawn Roberts, Mat Shaer

Birmingham Children’s Trust is taking a whole system approach to tackling criminal exploitation 

Rob Whiteman, chief executive, Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy

Rob Whiteman: The reign of short-term cash injections must endSubscription

12 March, 2019 By

A lack of real comprehensive action on local government finances would be reprehensible.

Tom Stannard, corporate director of regeneration and economic growth, Wakefield MDC

Tom Stannard: Leave areas must prepare for the next IT revolutionSubscription

11 March, 2019 By

Positive interventions for training employed adults must be at the heart of UK economic renewal.

John Sinnott, chief executive, Leicestershire CC

John Sinnott: No-one should be surprised we push back the NHSSubscription

11 March, 2019 By

The persisting centralised mindset on health continues to hamper real progress on improvements to the system.

nina hemmings

Nina Hemmings: What the British public think about social careSubscription

7 March, 2019 By Nina Hemmings

In its birthday year, how did the public rate local authority-provided adult social care?

john stewart crop

John Stewart: Councils need the funds to tackle rogue landlordsSubscription

6 March, 2019 By John Stewart

Over two-thirds of councils across England and Wales did not undertake any prosecutions against private landlords last year.

Sir Stephen Houghton

Stephen Houghton: 'Fair' funding plans would hurt most deprivedSubscription

5 March, 2019 By

The Scottish philosopher David Hume probably wouldn’t have looked favourably on the latest “fair” funding review consultation, and unfortunately neither do we.

Andrew Cozens

Andrew Cozens: Mark two STPs feel like NHS businessSubscription

4 March, 2019 By

What is going on with the governance and oversight of the NHS locally?

daniel slade crop

Daniel Slade: Planning in England suffers a box ticking tyrannySubscription

1 March, 2019 By Daniel Slade

We must choose between a well-funded planning system and one that just ticks boxes.

Phil Swann

Phil Swann: Public health needs a reset between NHS and councilsSubscription

28 February, 2019 By

While the transfer of public health to local government is on course, many NHS staff remain sceptical.

Peter box

Peter Box: Post-Brexit, mid-sized cities are key to trading abroadSubscription

27 February, 2019 By

Mid-sized cities will be the UK’s international trade flagships after Brexit.

ben jamal jamie potter

'The Supreme Court will review ethics in local authority pensions'Subscription

26 February, 2019

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign is appealing a decision in the UK’s highest court that it says ‘strikes at the heart of questions relating to the powers of the executive and local democracy’.

Peter Fleming (Con), leader, Sevenoaks DC

Peter Fleming: Despite headlines, councils do governance wellSubscription

25 February, 2019 By

Two recent reports by government watchdog the National Audit Office have dwelt on the quality of local governance and audit.