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According to figures collated by the KPMG/BBA Year 2000 Research Centre, 100 significant Y2K related failures were ...
According to figures collated by the KPMG/BBA Year 2000 Research Centre, 100 significant Y2K related failures were publicly reported throughout the world in January 2000.

These ranged from the serious - reported failures in nuclear power plants and the US nuclear arsenal - to the inconvenient, with problems worldwide reported in the new MP3 internet music system. 67 of these incidents were in the first seven days of the month, 23 in the remaining three weeks.

Commenting on the summary, Malcolm Marshall, KPMG Information Risk Management Partner said

'Y2k failure reports are consistent. In the UK a survey by the Office of National Statistics found 5% of companies reporting some sort of adverse impact on computer systems arising from the millennium date change. And in the US, a survey of IT professionals by Techweb found that a quarter had experienced some form of Y2k problem since the new year. 20% of these resulted in service interruption to their organisations' systems.

'Y2k problems are still emerging - especially in government and in the general area of e-commerce. Organisations need to remain vigilant around the key dates of the leap year and end of months. However the experience so far seems to be that problems are being rapidly dealt with once they become apparent.'

In compiling these figures, KPMG and the BBA have not included Y2K failures prior to midnight local time on 1st January and reports which were initially ascribed to Y2k but on closer investigation were non-related computer failures or unsubstantiated rumours.

Year 2000 related problems reported since 1 January (local times)

The total number of reported Year 2000 related failures recorded by the Year 2000 Research Centre between 1 January 2000 and 18:000 GMT on 1 February 2000 is 100.


Two failures have been reported for this sector:

Namibia: radio station 'experiences problem with advert scheduler' Country Report to IY2KCC, 4 January

Zanzibar: transmission difficulties believed to be Year 2000 related Yahoo News Singapore/AFP, 3 January


There were six reports of failures in the energy sector, including:

Nigerian oil refinery 'affected by Year 2000 problem', Nigeria, 19 January

Costa Rica: 'Year 2000 problems experienced in the energy sector', La Nacion Digital, 18 January

Seven U.S. nuclear plants experience 'minor problems', 2 January

US: 'nuclear plant access systems affected' Yahoo News/AP, 1 January

Japan: two nuclear plants 'experience failures' BBC Online, 31 December

Both Spain (Computer Currents, 4 January) and Nigeria (Country Report to IY2KCC, 3 January) are also reported to have experienced difficulties in the energy sector.


Fourteen failures have been reported for this sector including:

U.S. organisation advises members about 'credit card glitch', Texas Association of Realtors website, 19 January

Netherlands: 'home banking affected by year 2000 problem', Computer World Australia, 7 January

U.S.: 'cash cards affected by software problem' Denver, 7 January

U.S.: 'Year 2000 problem affects credit card issuers', 7 January

U.S.: 'bank failures affects medicare payments', Oregon Live, 6 January

U.S.: bank payment system 'affected by Year 2000', 6 January

Canada: stock exchange users 'experience Year 2000 problem', 5 January

Danish bank 'experiences problem with system used by corporate clients', 3 January

Pakistan: 'brokers take orders manually', 3 January

Germany: 'salesman finds bank record failure', 2 January

US Securities Industries Association announces 'a few minor glitches' Yahoo News/Reuters, 1 January

Further failures have been reported in the U.S.A. (, 3 January), China (Yahoo News, 2 January) and Japan (, 2 January) and also see Featured Stories below for details of problems experienced in the Japanese banking sector and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange.


Other failures which reported to have occurred include:

Global: 'software firm's website displays date as 1900', MCP Magazine, 20 January

Global: 'software supplier hit by date change problems' Computer Weekly, 13 January

'German Opera affected by Year 2000 problem' Nando, 12 January

UK: accounting software 'affected by year 2000 problem', AccountingWEB, 11 January

U.S.: Computer firm's software problems 'are date related',, 7 January

Hong Kong: 'some companies affected by Year 2000 problems' South China Morning Post, 6 January

Australia: Government departments and businesses in city of Dubbo report internet access problems ABC News, 5 January

Global: 'digital music players experience Year 2000 problems', 4 January

Korea: failure reported in heating system Go News/Reuters, 2 January

U.S. Naval Observatory website displays date as 19100 President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion, 1 January

Details of incidents in Hong Kong and Japan can be found in the Featured Stories section below.


Eleven countries have reported problems in this sector, including:

UK: 'problems experienced while filing tax returns', AccountingWEB, 20 January

UK: 'tax office experiences Year 2000 failure', Accountancy, 18 January

Canada: 'Year 2000 error sends letters to the wrong group of drivers',, 18 January

UK: 'Year 2000 failure hits register offices', Evening Standard/CNN, 17 January

U.S.: computer system 'misreads Selective Service System register', USA Today, 14 January

Russia: 'Year 2000 failures affects Kremlin press agency' The Age, 13 January

Zimbabwe: 'local authority experiences problems with bills', Country Report to IY2KCC, 11 January

U.S.: 'social security payments delayed' Oregon, 8 January

Namibia: government population register system 'affected since date change', Africa News, 7 January

Canada: 'police computer affected by Year 2000 problem',, 6 January

U.S.: 'Pentagon computer suffers Year 2000 failure' United Press International/Virtual New York, 6 January

U.S.: Tennessee nuclear weapons plant 'affected' Nando Times, 2 January

U.S.: 'government bureau data affected' CNN, 5 January

Year 2000 'affects U.S. driving licenses' Nando Times, 4 January

Italy: prison sentences 'affected by failure' Yahoo News UK, 3 January

U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency 'experience problem with employee database' President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion website, 3 January

France: 'military satellite system affected', 1 January

US: 'military intelligence failure', 1 January

US: NASA 'experience one Year 2000 related failure', 1 January

Other failures reported in U.S. government systems as reported by the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion on 1 January can be found here. Details of problems which occurred in Hong Kong, Latvia, the UK and the U.S. Virgin Islands can be found in the Featured Stories section below.


Seven countries have reported failures in this sector, including:

Sri Lanka: 'hospital has problem with E.C.G. machine', Country Report to IY2KCC, 11 January

Brazil: hospital appointment scheduling system reported to have failed Y2K Rollover Watch mailing list, 2 January

Sweden: failures in medical equipment reported Yahoo News/Reuters, 2 January

UK: Medical Devices Agency issues notice of failure in dialysis machine Medical Devices Agency website, 2 January

Failures have also been reported in Malaysia (Computer Currents, 4 January) and Turkey (Country Report to IY2KCC, 3 January). Details of a reported failure in the Korean birth registration system can be found in the Featured Stories section below.

Leisure & Tourism

U.S.: entertainment company send out 'incorrectly dated reports', 3 January

U.S.: slot machines 'fail' in Delaware Yahoo News/Reuters, 1 January (This problem is reported to have occurred on Thursday 30 December)


Three countries have reported failures in the manufacturing sector, including:

France: 'minor problems' in manufacturing sector Yahoo News/Reuters, 1 January

Failures have also been reported in Venezuela (Country Report to IY2KCC, 3 January) and Japan (see Featured Stories for details).


UK: 'retailer experiences store card failure',, 17 January

U.S.: 'off licences hit by Year 2000 problem' Seattle, 11 January

Also, Korea (, 3 January) , Brazil ( Y2K Rollover Watch Mailing list, 2 January) , Greece and the U.S.A. are reported to have experienced failures in this sector. For further details see the Featured Stories section below.


Four failures have been reported in this sector:

US: 'emergency phones affected by date change', Associated Press/, 26 January

US phone company 'sends out bills for the Year 1900', Excite News/U-Wire, 25 January

Ireland: 'Year 2000 problem affects telecom customers' The Irish Times Online, 6 January

Telephone systems in Vietnam reported to have been affected, 6 January


Eight countries reported failures in this sector, including:

US: 'Year 2000 failure hits airport in Michigan state', Associated Press/Star, 25-Jan-00

Uganda: 'port suffers date related failure', Africa News Online, 22 January

'Year 2000 problems affect Brazilian port', Yahoo News/Reuters, 7 January

Mali: 'railway system affected by Year 2000' CNN News, 4 January

Jamaica: traffic lights 'out of service' The Jamaica Gleaner ,3 January

Brazil: 'four motorway toll booths unable to process receipts' Y2K Rollover Watch mailing list, 2 January

Australia: bus ticket system 'suffers failure' Yahoo News/AFP, 1 January

Failures in U.S. transport systems as reported by the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion on 1 January can be found here. There were also further reports of incidences in Namibia (Country Report to IY2KCC, 4 January), the U.S.A. (, 3 January) and China (Yahoo News Asia, 2 January).

Featured Stories: (non-Internet sourced)

Hong Kong: Futures Exchange 'affected by date change'

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HKSFC) has reportedly announced that the Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE) is understood to have been affected by a Year 2000 related problem in its pricing system leading to incorrect options prices being generated.

Dow Jones International, 8-Jan-00

Japan: 'mail systems suffer Year 2000 failure'

Japan's Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has reportedly announced that mail services in the country were affected by a Year 2000 failure which prevented the transfer of some registered mail from being properly monitored, however no delivery problems were reportedly experienced.

Japan Economic Newswire/Dow Jones, 7-Jan-00

Greece: 'cash registers display Year 2000 problems '

It is reported that an estimated 30,000 cash registers in Greece may experience Year 2000 related problems after some machines apparently began printing receipts showing the year as 1900 rather than 2000.

Dow Jones International, 5 Jan

Hong Kong : 10 failures in SMEs

The Hong Kong secretary for Information Technology and Broadcasting has reportedly announced that 10 small and medium-sized companies in the SAR have reported 'minor computer problems'. He apparently gave no more detail.

Dow Jones International, 3-Jan-00

Hong Kong: government report problems

Year 2000-related problems have been reported in three Hong Kong government agencies (Agriculture and Fisheries, Civil Service Training and Development Institute and Auxiliary Medical Service) and in the SAR's Police. The nature of the governmental department's problems were undisclosed, while the Police apparently had difficulties with a device used to check car drivers' alcohol levels.

Japan Economic Newswire, 3-Jan-00

Japan: '50 failures' in electronics manufacturers

It is reported that 'over 50' Year 2000-related problems have been experienced in six major Japanese electronics firms. Apparently none of the glitches was considered 'serious', and each one has been solved. Japan Economic Newswire, 3-Jan-00

Japan: 'finance sector experiences further problem'

It has been reported that there have been Year 2000 related problems in the Japanese financial sector. Japan's Financial Supervisory Agency reportedly announced that six banks and four further financial institutions had reportedly experienced problems with ATM machines which failed to display information and with the printing of incorrect dates on bankbooks.

Japan Economic Newswire, 4-Jan-00

Korea: 10 failures reported

It is reported that 10 more Year 2000-related failures have come to light in Korea. These apparently include problems in registering dates in video shops and hospitals. One new-born baby was apparently registered as 100 years old. The South Korean government reportedly announced that, in each case, technicians have solved the problem.

Japan Economic Newswire, 3-Jan-00 ID10947

Latvia: customs department 'affected'

A Year 2000 related problem has reportedly affected customs points in Riga, Latvia. The reported problem in computer systems caused incorrect dates to be published showing 1900 instead of 2000.

Reuters, 5-Jan-00

UK: 'tests indicate bigger Year 2000 problem to come'

It has been reported that tests by the UK banking sector have reportedly indicated that the February 29 date is expected to cause more date related problems for computer systems in the banking sector than the rollover which occurred on New Years Eve. Meanwhile, in one reported incident from the recent date change, a foreign bank in Japan reportedly experienced Year 2000 problems leading to corporate customer transactions being deleted from its records.

Financial Times, 5-Jan-00

US Virgin Islands: 'motor bureau systems affected'

A Year 2000 related problem has reportedly caused a closure of the motor bureau on the three main islands in the US Virgin Islands. The reported problem has allegedly caused incorrect dates to be brought up by the bureau's computer systems.

Dow Jones International, 4-Jan-00

US: video store failure reported

It is reported that a video rental shop in New York State charged a customer over US$91,000 for the return of a video tape 100 years late. The store owner apparently recalculated the bill manually.

Washington Post, 3-Jan-00

Important - All information contained in this publication has been obtained from publicly available sources and is issued without verification or comment. It is intended to be of general interest and is not a comprehensive or complete statement of the issues covered, selections from source materials being summaries or extracts only. For a full text of any original please refer to the source identified. Any views expressed or implied are not necessarily those of KPMG or the BBA. No warranty is given by KPMG as Publisher as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained within this publication. Neither KPMG nor the BBA shall be responsible or liable for any loss or damage arising from or connected with reliance on this publication.

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