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Local elections 2015: Results round up


Welcome to LGC’s Elections 2015 live coverage, reporting on the latest in the local elections and key local government news from the Westminster polls. Please refresh for updates.

16.00 Ukip has won its first council. The anti-European Union party has just won a majority on Thanet DC in Kent - which includes the Thanet South seat where then party leader Nigel Farage unsuccessfully stood for Parliament.

@ukip tweets:

“Thanet District Council has #GonePurple. First Authority in the United Kingdom to have a #UKIP majority!”

With 29 seats required to form a majority, Ukip has won 33. The Conservatives won 17, Labour 4 and Independent 1.

Thanet has been beset by unusual controversies in the last year, including writing off £3.4m from the failure of a ferry company, a peer review finding the public regarded council meetings as “a form of entertainment”, and a claim by a councillor that he was chased round Margate with confidential papers.

Provisional list of councils to change control

Con gain

(from NOC)

Babergh DC

Basingstoke & Deane

Bath & North East Somerset

Brentwood BC

East Lindsey DC

East Staffordshire BC

Eden DC

Gloucester City Council

Hart DC

High Peak

Mole Valley DC

Newark & Sherwood DC

North Warwickshire DC

Poole BC

Richmondshire DC

St Albans City & DC

Scarborough BC

South Gloucestershire Council

Staffordshire Moorlands DC

Taunton Deane BC

Teignbridge DC

Torridge DC

Waveney DC

West Devon DC

Winchester City Council

Worcester City Council

Wyre Forest DC


(from Labour)

Amber Valley BC

Gravesham BC


Lab gain

(From NOC)

Stockton-On-Tees BC

West Lancashire BC


Ukip gain

Thanet DC


NOC gain

(From Labour)

Walsall MBC

Plymouth City Council


South Somerset DC

Stoke-on-Trent BC

(from Lib Dem)

Hinckley & Bosworth DC

South Somerset DC

Watford BC

Three Rivers DC

(from Conservative)

Boston BC


Mayoral results

Bedford BC Lib Dem hold

Copeland BC Ind gain (first mayoral election there)

Leicester City Council Lab hold

Mansfield BC Ind hold

Middlesbrough Council Lab gain

Torbay Council Con hold


Saturday 15.50 UPDATE

The two last mayoral results were close.

Incumbent Liberal Democrat Dave Hodgson bucked the national trend by holding on to his elected mayorality at Bedford BC. He secured 35,302 votes after second preferences were taken into account while the Conservative challenger Jas Parmar received 26,513 votes.

In Middlesbrough Labour’s Dave Budd beat Independent Andy Preston by less than 300 votes when second preference votes were taken into account.

Brighton & Hove City Council’s vote was being counted this afternoon. The first two seats of the 52 to be declared have both been won by the Green party which ran a minority administration last time around.

South Gloucestershire went Tory, having previously been NOC. The new chamber is Con 40 (+6), Lib Dem 16 (-5), Lab 14 (-1).

The Conservatives gained Taunton Deane BC from NOC. The full result is Conservative 36 (+8), Lib Dem 14 (-9), Lab 2 (-1), Ind 3 (+1), Ukip 1 (+1).

At previously NOC Babergh DC the Conservatives gained a majority. The new chamber is Con 29, Ind 8, Lib Dem 3 and Labour 1. Hart DC also moved from NOC to Conservative. Of the seats fought, the Conservatives won 8, Lib Dems 2 and Indeps 2.

The Conservatives gained East Lindsey DC. The council’s new make-up is Con 33, Ind 6, Labour 4, Lib Dem 1, Ukip 8, and Lincolnshire Independents 3.

They also gained Gravesham BC, from Labour. The new structure is Con 23, Lab 21.

And they gained Newark & Sherwood DC from NOC. The new chamber is Con 24, Lab 12, Ind 3. Scarborough BC went the same way, it’s previously NOC chamber now being Con 26, Lab 14, Ukip 5, Green 2 and Indep 3.

Poole was won by the Conservatives, having previously been NOC. The new chamber is Con 32, Lib Dem 6, Ind 3, Ukip 1.

The Tories gained Mole Valley DC from NOC. Of results that came through yesterday, the Conservatives won 12 to the Liberal Democrats’ 1. They control 23 of the 41 seats on the council.

The Liberal Democrats lost Hinckley & Bosworth BC to the Conservatives. The new council structure is Con 21, Lib Dem 12, Lab 1.

The Lib Dems lost South Somerset DC to NOC. The new chamber is: Lib Dem 29 (-2), Con 28 (+3), Ind 3.

The Conservatives have gained control of Bath & North East Somerset Council, which was previously in a state of no overall control, even though one ward with three seats in it has yet to declare. At present the Conservatives are on 35 (+9), Liberal Democrats 14 (-14), Labour 5 (+1), Independents/others 6 (-1), and Greens 2 (+2). The final result is due on Monday.

The Conservatives utterly dominate Bournemouth BC with 49 seats. The council also has one Ukip councillor and an Independent. Labour lost its three seats and the Liberal Democrats their single seat. A recount means one ward will declare its result on Monday.

Labour maintained control of Bradford MBC but failed to add to its 46 seats tally – the minimum number needed to form a majority on the council – as the Conservatives gained three taking them up to 23, the Lib Dems added one to their eight last time around, Greens were unchanged with three, while Ukip lost one leaving them with the same number, and various Independent groups lost three seats between them leaving a combined total of eight seats.

In Bracknell Forest, the Conservatives strengthened their majority by three to take 41 out of 42 seats on the council. One Labour member forms the opposition there but the party lost another seat to the Tories. Ukip’s stint on the council has ended after it lost both its seats.

The Conservatives strenghthed their majority on Cheshire East by winning two more seats. The Tories now have 52 in total. Labour gained one seat to move on to 15, the Liberal Democrats share was halved to two, while Ukip lost both of its seats. The Greens are now represented by a single seat.  

In a result which would buck the national trend, the Conservatives could lose control of Cheshire West & Chester. Before the election there were 42 Conservatives, 32 Labour, and 1 Liberal Democrat. But with one ward too close to call, a recount will take place at 2pm today (Saturday). According to local newspaper reports, Labour think they have snatched the seats from the Tories. If that is the case, they will be in overall control of the authority because, as things stand, both the Conservatives and Labour have 36 seats, and an Independent one.

Labour has maintained control of Darlington MBC where there has been a boundary change. They have 29 seats, the Conservatives 17, the Liberal Democrats 3, and Independent 1.

In all out elections, Conservatives hold North Somerset with 36 seats , Ind 5, Lib Dem 4, Lab 3, North Somerset First 1. The number of councillors has reduced from 61 to 50 so direct comparisons are not possible.

Labour hold Southampton City Council but lost two seats to the Conservatives. The make-up of the council is Labour 26, Con 20, Councillors Against Cuts 2.

Conservatives hold South Gloucestershire Council, gaining 5 seats from the Lib Dems and 1 from Labour. The make-up of the council is now Con 40, Lib Dem 16, Lab 14.

The York Press has reported York City Council remains in no overall control with Labour losing 11 seats, leaving them with 15, Conservatives with 14 and Lib Dems with 12. Greens gained two seats living them with four.

Labour hold Warrington BC, gaining one seat. The Conservatives gained two seats while the Lib Dems lost two and the Trade Unionists and Socialists Coalition lost their only seat.

19.18 Labour hold Nottingham City Council with a 49 seat majority. The Conservatives have gained one seat from an independent, taking their total to three.

19.16 The Greens won seven more seats on Bristol City Council to take their tally to 13, and they came close to becoming the main opposition to Labour in the process. The council remains in a state of no overall control. Labour lost one seat to leave it with 30 overall, as did the Conservatives leaving them with 15. The Liberal Democrats were the biggest losers as they saw their seat share slide from 16 to 10. Ukip maintained their one seat, while Independents won a seat on the council.

19.08 The Conservatives have gained St Albans City & DC winning 32 of the 58 seats

19.01 The Conservatives have gained control of Amber Valley BC from Labour. Labour lost two seats to leave it with 21 on the council while the Conservatives picked them up to be in control with 24 seats.

18.38 LGA Conservative group leader Gary Porter has seen the number of seats his party has on South Holland DC increase by four. Ukip have also gained two seats while the 12 strong independent group lost five. There was also a vacant seat on the council. The new make-up is Con 28, Ind 7, Ukip 2.

18.37 The Lib Dems’ sole seat on Blackpool Council was lost to Labour as the party increased its majority by one to 29. The Conservatives, as the only opposition, remain on 13.

18.36 Milton Keynes Council remains under no overall control, despite the Conservatives winning 12 of the 17 seats contested yesterday.

18.26 At Blackburn with Darwen BC Labour maintain control of the council. Final political composition is:Lab 47 (-1), Con 14 (+2), Lib Dems 3 (-1).

18.21 Independent candidate Mike Starkie has been voted in as Copeland’s first elected mayor. He beat Labour challenger Steve Gibbons by 974 votes. In the local elections, Labour lost five seats leaving it still in control with 29, while the Conservatives gained two (17), and independents gained three taking their total to five seats.

18.19 We called Swale BC too soon earlier this afternoon. Its final result is still not known. Apologies.

18.12 The Conservatives have gained control of Brentwood BC, according to the Brentwood Gazette. It said the Tories won 11 of the 12 seats up for election, with the Lib Dems picking up the other seat. A spokeswoman for Brentwood said the final political make-up of the council is now: Con 23 (+5), Lib Dem 10 (-1), Lab 2 (-1), Brentwood First 1 (-3), Ind 1.

18.11 Four Conservative gains have seen Walsall MBC remain in no overall control at Labour 27, Conservative 25, Ukip 3, Independents 3, Liberal Democrats 2.

18.09 Labour has lost its majority of one on Plymouth City Council, losing two seats to the Conservatives. This leaves Labour with 28 seats, Conservatives with 26 and Ukip with three.

18.03 An Independent has been elected Mansfield BC’s mayor after a close contest. Kate Allsop (Ind) beat Martin Lee (Lab) in the second round after just 42 votes separated the candidates in round one. The final scores were 22.600-19,720.

18.02 No change in Wakefield MBC where Labour has maintained its large majority.

18.00 Bedford mayoral election down to incumbent Lib Dem candidate and Conservative challenger, reports @bedfordnews #LE2015

17.53 It announced its elected mayor several hours ago. But Leicester City Council has still not announced a single seat.

“Sorry, this one’s taking us much longer than we’d hoped. Our counters are still working through all the wards…”

17.51 Calderdale MBC remains in a state of no overall control despite the Conservatives gaining two seats while Labour and the Liberal Democrats lost one seat apiece. Overall, Lab 24, Con 21, Lib Dem 5, Ind 1.

17.51 Stockport MBC remains in no overall control as the Conservatives picked up three seats from the Liberal Democrats and one from Ukip, while Labour gained a seat previously held by an Independent Labour councillor. The Lib Dems previously had 26 councillors, the Tories 13, Labour 20 and Independents 3.

17.50 The Conservatives have increased their majority on Solihull MBC by three. The party gained two seats from the Liberal Democrats and one from Green. Ukip gained one seat from Labour. By our calculations the make-up of the council is now: Con 32, Green 9, Lib Dem 8, Ukip 2, Lab 1.

17.46 Labour has held Leeds City Council. A third of the seats were up for stake. The Tories gained one to hit 19 in total; Labour retains 63.

17.42 Labour lost one seat on Bury MBC as both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats won one apiece. An independent seat also fell. Overall Lab 35, Con 12, Lib Dems 2, Independent 2.

17.41 Labour has extended its majority on Birmingham City Council by two taking the number of seats it has to 79. Conservatives are down one to 29 and the Liberal Democrats down one to 10.

17.38 Labour won 17 of the 19 seats contested on Hull City Council, extending the party’s majority on the council. The Liberal Democrats won the other two.

17.33 The Conservatives have gained two seats on Labour run Slough BC, one from Ukip and one from Labour. By our calculations this would mean the make-up of the council is Labour 32, Conservative 2 and Ukip 1.

17.29 There have been no changes in election at Tameside MBC, where Labour won 17 seats and the Conservatives two in an election for one third of the council.

17.27 Labour looks set to lose control of Newcastle-under-Lyme. With one seat still to declare the Conservatives have gained three seats, one from Labour and two from the Liberal Democrats. Assuming no change in the final seat, which is held by an independent, by our calculations this would mean Labour have 28 seats, Conservatives 24, Lib Dem 4, Ukip 2, Green, 1 and other independents 5.

17.17 The Conservatives increased their control on Craven by gaining five extra seats. Ukip also won a seat on the council as three vacant seats were filled and independents lost three seats.

17.14 Labour has lost control of Stoke-on-Trent BC. With two results still to come Labour has 19 seats, to 14 for the City Independents, seven for the Conservatives and two for Ukip.

17.10 Confirmation of the Sandwell MBC result: Labour have gained the Conservatives’ only seat, giving them a majority of 66. Two of the other three seats on the West Midlands authority are held by Independent Labour and the third is held by by Ukip.  

17.09 The Northern Echo reports that Stockton-On-Tees BC has gone Labour, with the party gaining five seats. he composition now is Labour 32, Conservatives 13, Ingleby Barwick Independent Society 5, Thornaby Independent Association 3, Independents 2,Liberal Democrats 1.

17.07 The Tories look set to gain High Peak from no overall control. They have won 14 of the 28 seats; Labour have won the other seven so far declared.

17.02 The Conservatives have increased their majority on North Lincolnshire Council, taking three seats on the unitary authority from Labour. The make-up is now: Con 26, Lab 17.

17.00 St Helens MBC has remained unchanged at Labour 42, Conservative 3 and Liberal Democrat 3.

16.58 Labour has resoundingly retained its majority on Rotherham MBC - despite the borough’s child protection scandal.Ukip has gained three seats – one from Labour, one from the Conservatives, and one from an Independent. Ukip came a close second to Labour in all but one of the seats it did not win. The make-up is: Lab 48, Ukip 12, Ind 2, Cons 1.   

16.54 Sandwell MBC’s @janbritton tweets: “24 Labour councillors duly elected. Tomorrow I am a mere Chief Executive again, no longer a Returning Officer.”

16.49 A final result in Dudley MBC, where the Conservatives have made inroads by gaining five, four of them at Labour’s expense. Final scores: Lab 38 (-4), Con 25 (+5), 7 Ukip, 1 Green, 1 Ind (-1)

16.48 A final result in Herefordshire, where elections were being fought on new boundaries. The Conservatives retain control of the council by winning 29 out of the 53 seats.

16.45 Absolutely no change in Bolsover. Labour remain in control with 32 seats while independents have five seats.

16.45 The Liberal Democrats have lost control of Three Rivers DC, losing four seats to the Conservatives. The new composition is Lib Dem 19, Conservative 17, Labour 3.

16.43 @David_Cameron says: “I have re-appointed George Osborne as chancellor of the Exchequer. He will also be First Secretary of State - the ranking Cabinet Minister.”

16.33 The Birmingham Mail’s local government correspondent believes Birmingham City Council leader Sir Albert Bore (Lab) could face a leadership challenge. @neilelkes says: “Sir Albert’s tormentor in chief @johnclancy holds his Quinton seat. So leadership challenge now likely on Monday #BrumVotes15.”

16.31 The Conservatives win Basingstoke & Deane from NOC, after gaining three seats. Tories now have 32 seats, Lab remain on 17, Lib Dems down one to seven, and independents four (-2).

16.29 @David_Cameron says: “I’ll be announcing some Cabinet posts over the next couple of hours. To find out, keep an eye on this account.”

16.26 North East Lincolnshire Council has remained in no overall control with Labour and Ukip each gaining one due to a previously vacant seat and a loss from an independent Labour candidate.

16.19 The Lib Dems have lost four seats on Portsmouth City Council to the Conservatives, making the Tories the largest party on the council. The Conservatives, who held all the cabinet positions on the council despite not being the largest party, also gained a seat from an independent. The make-up of the council is now Conservative: 17; Liberal Democrats: 15; Ukip: 5; Labour: 4; Ind: 1.

16.19 Labour has retained control at Wirral MBC taking one seat from the Liberal Democrats. The new composition is Labour 39, Conservative 21,Lib Dem 5, Green 1.

16.15 At Hart DC,12 seats are at stake. The Conservatives have won six, the Lib Dems two and the Independents one; three remain undeclared. The council was previously no overall control.

16.11 The Conservatives have taken control at Winchester City Council, with seven gains taking them to 33 seats. The Liberal Democrats now have 22 seats, and Labour two while both Independents lost their seats.

16.10 Cambridge City Council remains in Labour control: Lab 24, Lib Dems 14, Ind 2, Con 1, Green 1.

16.07 A first plea for devolution comes from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority whose members were disappointed they did not win more responsibilities when the city won a devolution deal in March. The body’s chair, Wakefield MBC leader Peter Box says:

“Now that the election is decided, the Combined Authority will be pressing for a meeting with David Cameron’s new government to discuss how we build upon our successful Growth Fund settlement and first stage devolution deal.

“Comprehensive devolution would provide us with the powers and resources to achieve the Combined Authority’s ambitions of creating good job opportunities and a skilled workforce to fill those jobs, building decent, affordable homes, developing clean and reliable transport, reduce crime and ensuring the best care and support is available when people need it.”

16.05 Labour has won a clean sweep in the Manchester City Council elections, according to council leader Sir Richard Leese.

@SirRichardLeese says: “Fantastic set of Council election results for MCR Labour. 32 out of 32 for the fourth time. Still able to stand up for MCR people.” He’s slightly ahead of his own council’s election results service which merely shows Labour has won the first 30 seats.

16.02 Labour has taken control of West Lancashire BC, where it previously held half the seats. The new composition is Labour 30, Conservative 22, Independent 1.

15.58 Final results in from Sheffield City Council where Labour have gained a seat from the Lib Dems and one from the Green party. However, they have also lost one to the Greens and another to Ukip leaving their overall majority the same. By our calculations the make-up of the council is now Lab: 56, Lib Dem: 17, Green: 4, Ukip 3.

15.44 It’s a case of ‘as you were’ in Broxbourne. The Conservatives held all of their seats, as did Labour with the one they defended. Make-up of council remains Con 24, Lab 3, Ukip 1, non-aligned Conservatives 2.

15.25 The final general election result is in and sees the Conservatives win St Ives from the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives have a parliamentary majority of 12.

15.29 Labour has retained control of Harlow DC, winning seven of the 12 seats being fought; the other five were won by the Conservatives

15.23 The Conservatives have gained control of Basingstoke & Deane DC, according to the Basingstoke Gazette. Looking at the results on the council’s website, the Conservatives picked up one seat from each of the Liberal Democrats, Ukip, and indepdent, while Labour also took one from the Lib Dems.

15.20 Final results are in from Exeter City Council. Of the 13 seats contested, the Labour won nine and the Tories four.

15.19 An Independent, Labour and Liberal Democrat joint administration could stay in office at Southend-on-Sea BC despite three gains by the Conservatives, two from Independents and one from the Lib Dems.

New council: Conservative 22, Independent 11, Labour 9, Lib Dem 4, Ukip Local Group 3, Ukip 1, Ukip unaligned 1.

15.10 Epsom & Ewell’s Independent tradition continues. Independents have won 16 seats so far, compared to the Conservatives’ three

15.09 Conservatives have won all of the one-third of seats contested at Worthing BC, bringing their total to 29. There are also 4 Liberal Democrats, 2 Ukip, 1 Green and 1 Independent.

15.05 Conservatives have taken control of Worcester City Council, which they previously ran in a deal with an independent. The new composition is:  Conservative 18, Labour, 15, Green 1, Independent 1.

15.04 The Barnsley MBC result is in. There were 21 seats up for grabs and Labour has increased its majority by taking two from the Independents this time around – they won 19 while the Conservatives held the two seats they were defending. Overall, Labour has 55 seats, Conservatives 4, Barnsley independents 4.

15.01 News on the new communities secretary is apparently unlikely until after the weekend. The Guardian’s @nicholaswatt says: “Top 4 cabinet posts to be announced later this afternoon - chancellor, Home Secretary, foreign secretary, defence secretary. Rest on Monday”.

14.54 No surprise that the Conservatives are storming ahead in Epping Forest DC’s contest. They’ve won the first eight seats to be declared; 10 more to follow.

14.49 West Oxfordshire DC, which includes prime minister David Cameron’s Witney constituency, has stayed solidly Tory, with the party increasing its tally from 39 seats to 40. The Liberal Democrats went from three seats up to four and Labour from five seats down to four. One seat remained  Independent and another was previously vacant.

14.48 The Conservatives have increased their majority on North West Leicestershire DC which held its first election following a boundary review. The council retained the same number of councillors overall but moved to single member wards. The make up of the council is now: Conservative 25 (up from 20), Labour 10 (down from 16), 2 independents (up from 1) and one Liberal Democrat (no change).

14.39 The Conservatives are set to retain their majority on East Devon DC. They have 24 seats and need just another six to gain a majority. There are another 24 seats still to declare.

14.38 Results starting to come in from Sheffield City Council with a gain for the Greens and one for Labour.

14.28 Sir Peter Soulsby has won Leicester City Council’s mayoral contest in the first round, winning 71,533 votes. His nearest challenger, the Tory, gained only 24,327 votes.

14.24 Losses to both the Conservatives and Labour now see the Liberal Democrats holding exactly half the 36 seats on Watford BC, which they had previously controlled. Labour has 13 seats and the Tories five. Elected mayor Dorothy Thornhill (Lib Dem) is up for re-election next year and last night lost her bid to become the areas’ MP.

14.23 Confirmation from Bolton MBC that the actual final outcome following elections is: 39 Lab, 15 Cons, 3 Lib Dem and 3 UKIP. Only change overall is one gain for UKIP.

14.20 Interesting result in Eastleigh BC. The Lib Dems lost the town’s parliamentary seat to the Conservatives but they have romped home in the borough contest, winning 38 seats to six to the Tories.

14.19 Tories battling to retain control of Herefordshire Council. Our calculation of the current make-up is Con12, It’s Our County 7 and Independent 4.

14.08 The Lib Dems have lost a seat on Milton Keynes Council in the first set of results. Current position is Conservative four, Lib Dem two, Labour one. Council was previously no overall control, with Labour the largest party. A third of seats are being contested this time around.

14.06 LGC reporter David Paine brings more bad news for the Liberal Democrats. He tweets: “Just six seats left to fight for on @ChelmsCouncil and the Lib Dems, on 4 defending 16, have been decimated by the Tories on 47 #le2105.”

13.58pm Controversial suggestion from LGC editor Nick Golding on twitter in wake of London Mayor Boris Johnson’s re-entry into the Commons as MP for Uxbridge and Ruislip: Nick tweets: “Cameron will be reluctant to give@MayorofLondon a high profile Cabinet post. As London mayor he’d have ideal experience for @CommunitiesUK.”

13.57pm It looks like Labour has lost a seat to Ukip in Bolton after 15 of theirs were up for election. That means Labour now have 38 seats on the council, and Ukip have three. The Conservatives remain on six seats, while the Lib Dems remain overall on three.

13.52pm Early indications are Basildon BC will remain NOC. It’s elections by thirds there and the Conservatives picked up eight seats, Labour three, and Ukip two. We’ll tell you how that impacts overall once we have the exact figures.

13.51pm Tandridge DC has remained in Conservative hands with the party taking 12 of 14 seats contested with the Liberal Democrats and an Independent taking one each. The election was for one third of the seats

13.49pm Quick general election update from LGC editor Nick Golding: Contrasting fortunes for the alumni of local government thinktanks. Shadow local government minister Andy Sawford, formerly head of the Local Government Information Unit, lost his Corby seat to the Tories overnight. However, Anna Turley, formerly of the New Local Government Network, won Redcar from the Liberal Democrats.

13.47pm More reaction to the general election result from LGC’s columnists. Writing for LGC, LGIU chief executive Jonathan Carr-West says that chancellor George Osborne “was clear that he sees devolution as an unfinished project for his second term,” but that so far it has been “a Henry Ford style of devolution” where “you can have any form of localism you want - as long as it’s a combined authority with an elected mayor”.

13.42pm Final figures on the newly won seats on Liverpool City Council: Labour 29, Green 1, Liberal Democrat 1. Former Liberal Democrat Local Government Association group leader Richard Kemp has held onto his seat despite calamitous losses nationally for his party.

13.39pm Stroud DC continues in no overall control. Only one seat changed hands, a vacant seat previously held by Labour going to the Conservatives.Council: Con 23, Lab 19, Green 6, Lib Dem 3, Independent 1.

13.38pm The turnout for Leicester City Council’s mayoral election is 59%. No result declared yet for the position currently held by Labour’s Sir Peter Soulsby. No council wards declared yet in the city.

13.36pm Still six of 21 wards to declare at Newcastle-under-Lyme BC but no sign of predicted UKIP gains. Labour have held all their seats so far while the Conservatives have held theirs and gain two from the Liberal Democrats.  

13.32pm Full results in from Knowsley MBC. Labour won all 18 seats contested. Its pie chart showing the political make-up of contested seats looks identical to the Japanese flag.

13.29pm Nearly half the results are in in Herefordshire Council. Tories 12; the others 12. Conservative controlled last time around

13.15pm Prime minister David Cameron is speaking following his meeting with the Queen. He recommits to introducing greater devolution to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. No mention of devolution within England.

13.13pm Greater Manchester’s police and crime commissioner Tony Lloyd, who is also in the running to be interim mayor of the region, has commented on the general election result.

He said: “We face a real challenge here in Greater Manchester, no matter what our political allegiances, to make sure our voice is heard.

 “We need to ensure we aren’t squeezed out by the new pressures exerted on Whitehall by Scotland and the Home Counties as a result of the changing political landscape. It is now more important than ever to make the case for Greater Manchester as we seek to build safe, strong and cohesive communities.

 “Our voice must be loud and our voice must be heard.”

13.10pm No change at Oldham MBC where the full results are now in. Labour held 16 of the seats up for election, Lib Dems three and Conservatives one. The make up of the council is LAB 45 LIB DEM 10 CON 2 UKIP 2 IND 1.

13.06pm Fenland BC reports an error in a parish council poll it is overseeing. Its returning officer issued a statement stating: “Owing to an error on the part of the council’s contracted election printers, amongst the 198,000 ballot papers printed for the various 7th May elections, one book of 100 ballot papers for the March North Ward of March Town Council incorrectly displayed the names of the candidates for the District Council election as opposed to the relevant Town Council candidates.”

12.59pm Responding to the general election result Tom Stannard, deputy chief executive of the National Institute for Continuing Adult Education writes for LGC: “The two big unknowns for the next five years are the EU and the Union given the 2017 referendum commitment, combined with the stunning performance of the SNP.

“Austerity budgeting was set to continue irrespective of the outcome of the election but this now means real definition must be given to the forthcoming second round of major welfare reforms, and that future settlements for unprotected departments now need urgent clarification. Chief among the unprotected departments that should be of concern to councils are of course the Department for Communities & Local Government and Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.”

12.58pm The Conservatives have won 326 seats, giving the party a majority in the House of Commons.

12.54pm Results are in from Sefton MBC. Labour won 12 of 14 seats being contested, gaining one. Two went to the Conservatives who also gained and while the Liberal Democrats held two seats.

12.46pm Labour holds Liverpool winning 27 out of 29 seats being contested. The other seats are held by a Lib Dem and a Green.

12.32pm Peterborough has been run by a minority Conservative administration. The Peterborough Telegraph tweets: “The Conservatives have lost 2 seats and gained 1. Questions now: which party/parties will run the cabinet and who will lead it.”

12.31pm No change in Oldham MBC with eight seats still to declare.

12.17pm Shock result in Peterborough City Council as council leader Marco Cereste (Con) loses his seat. Despite this the party is still the largest. Full results are: 26 Con, 12 Lab, 7 Ind, 4 Lib Dem, 4 UKIP, 3 Liberal,

12.14pm Mr Miliband confirms he is tendering his resignation, taking effect after the commemoration of VE Day this afternoon. As deputy leader Harriet Harman will take over.

12.12pm Ed Miliband is making what is expected to be his resignation speech. “I take absolute and total responsibility for the result,” he says.

12.05pm Results are coming in for Telford & Wrekin Council. So far Labour has two seats, and the Conservatives and the Lib Dems one each.

11.57am Leeds City Council chief Tom Riordan tweets: “Didn’t manage any sleep but important local council & parish elections to count this pm. Breakfast to recharge batteries & back to it!”

11.43am Nick Clegg has resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats but has promised that the party will rebuild itself. He says he is confident history will be kinder to the party than the electorate has.

11.41am Results are starting to come in from Peterborough City Council.

11.39am Commenting on the surprisingly decisive general election result, Cipfa’s chief executive Rob Whiteman tweets: “Well, well, well. Did we all forget the notion that if the economy is perceived to be doing well, the incumbent is re-elected?”

11.37am LGC’s David Paine tweets results coming in from Essex: “@BasildonCouncil results on way in. Good one to watch as current make up of council is Con 17, Ukip 12, Lab 10, Ind Lab 2, Lib Dem”.

“Conservatives pick up wins in the first two @ChelmsCouncil seats declared. Cons had 39 seats before #LE2015 vote, Lib Dems 16, Lab 1, Ind 1.”

11.34am LGA Labour group leader Jim McMahon is confirmed a victor in Oldham MBC, where he is the council leader. It’s the first result to be declared in the borough. Cllr McMahon may emerge as even more as a key figure, having favoured the LGA flexing its muscles against the past government’s cuts.

11.26am Only three Liverpool City Council seats have been declared – but the results make stark reading for the Liberal Democrats who controlled the city for a decade until 2008. Labour have 66% of votes, the Greens 18% - and the Lib Dems have just 1.7% behind the Tories and Ukip.

11.18am News from Hull City Council, where it has emerged that a local election candidate’s name has been left off a number of ballot papers.

Returning officer Ian Anderson said: “Following the completion of the verification for Bransholme West, we have identified that 168 ballot papers were issued without the name of Yorkshire First candidate Colin Worrall. The total number of votes cast was 2,674.

“Given the very limited numbers affected, the decision has been made to continue with the election and the count as normal.”

11.11am We failed to mention earlier that housing minister Brandon Lewis retained his Great Yarmouth seat, with a 6,154 majority.

11.07am The BBC is reporting the Liberal Democrats have lost their deposit in 335 constituencies. This means they have managed less than 5% of the vote in those areas.

10.44am Canterbury City Council is announcing its results via the new broadcasting app Periscope. Watch here.

10.36am Better news for Ukip in Boston BC where there has been a big Ukip surge. The party now matches the Conservatives with 13 seats on the council leaving it in a state of no overall control having been in Tory hands. The Conservatives lost three seats but Ukip’s surge came from picking up seats previously held by various independent factions. Full result: Con 13, Ukip 13, Lab 2, Ind 2.

10.35am Result in for Thanet South. Ukip leader Nigel Farrage fails in his bid to win the seat which goes to the Conservatives.

10.30am LGC news editor Sarah Calkin tweets: “Results coming in from Newcastle-under-Lyme (@NewsNBC ), one of councils where Rallings and Thrasher predicted Ukip could make gains #LE2015


10.20am Excitement mounting among UKIP supporters in Boston BC. LGC senior reporter David Paine tweets: “Big@UKIP surge in @Bostonboro by the looks of it. Tories on 13, Ukip on 12 with one ward and two seats left to declare…”

10.18am LGC news editor Sarah Calkin tweets: “Local election results starting to trickle in but many councils not even starting counting until this afternoon.”

10.13am Thurrock Council results are in. It remains NOC. UKIP doubled its seats from six to 13, while Labour lost five seats (23 to 18), Conservatives lost one seat (18 to 17) and two seats went to independents.  

10.11am Labour retain control of Derby City Council, increasing their share of seats by two to 29. The Conservatives also gained one seat to 14, while the Liberal Democrats lost two, leaving them with six. The sole independent lost their seat and Ukip held their two seats.

9.58am Lambeth LBC’s cabinet member for neighburhoods Jane Edbrooke, a Labour councillor, tweets: “It shouldn’t be a fight between the left and the right for labour in the future. It shld b a conversation about being pro local / devolution.”


9.56am Commenting on speculation Eric Pickles could be reappointed communities’ secretary, the New Local Government Network’s Simon Parker tweets: “I imagine a significant reshuffle is on the way as Cameron asserts himself over the party.”

9.52am BBC reporting David Cameron is expected to visit the Queen at 12.30pm to be formally invited to form a government. Queen apparently not at Buckingham Palace yet as was not expecting to be in this position today.

9.49am Dave Buck, King’s Fund senior fellow in public health and inequalities tweets: “Well, i remember 1992, this feels bigger still. The many uncertain outcomes of #GE2015 will certainly be less boring than the campaign…”

9.39am Results in from North Tyneside Council. Labour has strengthened its control of the authority with 49 of the 60 seats in 20 wards. The party took five seats - two from Liberal Democrats and three from Conservatives.
The overall percentage turnout was 62.3%.

9.34am The Guardian is among the nationals reporting Labour leader Ed Miliband is set to resign.

9.29am Former Conservative LGA chair Sir Merrick Cockell has tweeted: “Bar the last year, Tories have been the largest party in local government since 2004. Are they about to return to dominance today?”

9.25am Conservatives have held Dover DC. Looks like Labour have lost a bit of ground there. Confirmation, Conservatives 25 (-1), Labour 17 (-2), Ukip 3.

9.16am Further to his interview on the BBC earlier, George Osborne tweets: “A key priority for me will be addressing decades-old economic imbalance in UK by building #NorthernPowerhouse - so we are One Nation.”

9.11am A bit of calm before local election results come in in their droves. A lot of counts due to get underway within the next hour, while a handful are already taking place. Stay tuned for updates.

8.55am A statement from the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives & Senior Managers.

Graeme McDonald, the society’s director, says: “The General Election saw around 46.5 million people voting with a turnout of around 66 per cent of the electorate, a credit to the hard work of council staff throughout the year.
“The risks to voter registration proved to have been well managed over the pre-election period, given the scale of recent changes, and more electors than ever have taken up the opportunity to vote by post.
“We would like to give special praise to the elections staff in Bedford for their hard work in successfully carrying out five different elections on the same day.”

Dave Smith, chief executive of Sunderland City Council and Solace spokesperson on elections and democratic renewal, said: “We have again seen secure and reliable elections held across the country - thanks to the detailed planning and preparation carried out by returning officers and their teams.

“Councils have faced a number of challenges and a huge amount of work has been done building the resilience of our democratic systems and processes. They have produced a series of clear and confident results. Congratulations to all those individuals who have played a role in an assured performance.”

8.49am Tories retain control of Trafford MBC, reports the Manchester Evening News. It’s their north of England flagship, at heart of Northern Powerhouse.

8.40am The Essex Chronicle has reported on a classic case of the sort of judgment returning officers have to make - what to do with a ballot paper in which the voter has drawn a penis next to the Ukip candidate’s name.

8.30am LGC editor @NickGolding tweets: “There seemed to be unanimity among #localgov figures that @EricPickles would no longer be communities secretary. Doesn’t seem so certain now.”

8.28am The LGA’s Labour group leader @CllrJimMcMahon tweets: “General Election: I worry what we have become as a country and what will now follow.”

8.25am FutureGov’s @dominiccampbell tweets: “If only Ed Balls and his colleagues had been this emotional, real and human a little earlier.”

8.19am Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has lost his Morley seat to the Conservatives.

LGC editor @NickGolding tweets: “Leeds City Council’s returning officer @tomriordan gets the glory of the Portillo moment.”

8.16am Kris Hopkins, the Conservative local government minister, has won Keighley. His majority over Labour is just over 3,000 - the main exit poll had previously predicted he’d lose

8.06am South Tyneside is one of the north eastern councils which have suffered most under austerity. Unsurprisingly, Labour bucked the national trend by picking up more seats on the council. Labour up two to 52 seats; only two non-Labour councillors.

7.52am The Conservatives picked up two seats on Coventry City Council but Labour still control 41 of the 53 seats.

7.44am Notable that Caroline Lucas dramatically increased her Brighton Pavilion majority despite the troubles of the city’s Green led council which included a long-running bin strike and poor performance on recycling.

7.42am Some more results from overnight. Labour won 23 of the 28 seats at stake on Newcastle City Council, which remains under the party’s control.

7.39am “The north can act as an economic counterbalance to our great capital city,” says Osborne.

7.38am George Osborne being interviewed by BBC right now. He names building the Northern Powerhouse as a priority.

7.33am From the former local government minister @swilliamsmp: “I would like to thank the residents of Bristol West who gave me the opportunity to serve for two terms. The best ten years of my life.”

7.31am Tandridge DC is a Conservative hold.

7.26am Labour’s Ipswich BC leader David Ellesmere lost out on the town’s parliamentary seat to the Conservatives.

7.15am Of the key local government figures standing for election, Stevenage BC leader Sharon Taylor, a deputy chair of the Local Government Association’s Labour group, lost out to the Tories in her Stevenage seat.

Watford BC directly elected mayor Dorothy Thornhill, a Liberal Democrat, was beaten into third place in the town’s parliamentary constituency.

7.00am In terms of key results for local government so far, communities secretary Eric Pickles has retained his Brentwood & Ongar seat.

Liberal Democrat local government minister Stephen Williams was beaten into third place in his Bristol West seat. However his Liberal Democrat counterpart, the care minister Norman Lamb, did win, retaining his North Norfolk seat.

There has been no declaration yet in the seat of local government minister Kris Hopkins. The main BBC/Sky News exit poll had previously predicted that he would lose.

6.50am So, the Conservatives are on the cusp of an overall majority - and the first council election results have been declared overnight.

Of the councils for which full results are known, Labour have retained six authorities; the Conservatives have held two.

The Tories have held Swindon and Castle Point BCs. Labour have won Coventry City Council, Darlington BC, Gateshead Council, Newcastle City Council, South Tyneside Council and Sunderland City Council.

The first batch of councils to declare votes were overwhelmingly northern metropolitan councils - Labour heartlands.

Thursday 5.45pm Two local government ministers could lose their seats in today’s general election, according to forecasts.

Polls indicate Liberal Democrat Stephen Williams will lose the Bristol West seat he has held since 2005. A Lord Ashcroft poll at the end of April put his party in third place behind Labour and the Greens.

An Ashcroft poll in Tory Kris Hopkins’ Keighley constituency last October put the Conservatives second place to Labour.

Thursday 5.40pm A number of council leaders and other local government figures are also contesting parliamentary seats.

They include:

Name Party Constituency Local authority 
Dorothy Thornhill Lib Dem Watford Mayor Watford BC
Sharon Taylor  Labour Stevenage  Leader of Stevenage BC
Ann Steward Conservative North Norfolk Cabinet member for economic development, Norfolk County Council, Breckland district councillor 
Ranil Jayawardena Conservative North East Hampshire Deputy Leader of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
Kevin Foster Conservative Torbay Former deputy leader Coventry City Council
Catherine West Labour Hornsey and Wood Green  Former leader Islington LBC
Amina Lone Labour Morecambe and Lunsdale Manchester City Council
Caitlin Biskell Labour High Peak Leader of High Peak BC
Julie Cooper Labour Burnley and Padiham Leader of Burnley BC
Kate Hollern Labour Blackburn Former leader of Blackburn with Darwen BC
David Ellesmere Labour Ipswich Leader of Ipswich BC
Gerald Vernon-Jackson Lib Dem Portsmouth South Leader of Portsmouth City Council
Matthew Pennycock  Labour Greenwich and Woolwich  former councillor Greenwich LBC 
Peter Lowe Labour Stourbridge Leader Dudley MBC

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