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Deputy prime minister John Prescott has announced the board members for England's new regional development agencies...
Deputy prime minister John Prescott has announced the board members for England's new regional development agencies. Together with their chairmen they will drive forward a new co-ordinated regional approach to economic renewal.

Board members have a wide range of expertise including business, local government, rural affairs, education, trade unions and the voluntary sectors.

In answer to a parliamentary question yesterday, Mr Prescott said:

'The board members of the eight regional development agencies outside London will be as follows:


Vincent Watts - (Chairman)

Sal Brinton

Alan Cherry

Peter Dawe

Greg Grant

Ken Lewis

Peter Martin

Chris Mole

Richard Powell

Neville Reyner

Jacqueline Russell

Marie Skinner

Stelio Stefanou


Derek Mapp

Jane Bradford

Ted Cassidy

Graham Chapman

Martin Doughty

Peter Gadsby

Gillian Gardiner

Len Jackson

Bob Middleton

Peter Moore

Pat Morgan-Webb

Christine Wood


John Bridge

Alistair Arkley

Kevin Curran

Barbara Dennis

Derek Fraser

Phillip Hughes

Richard Maudslay

John McCormack

Hugh Morgan-Williams

Miles Middleton

Rita Stringfellow

Sue Wilson

John Williams


Terry Thomas of Macclesfield - (Chairman).

Maggie Chadwick

Mike Doyle

John Dunning

Felicity Goodey

Clive Jeanes

Richard Leese

Alan Manning

Dennis Mendoros

Kath Reade

Fred Ridley

Judy Robinson

James Ross


Allan Willet - (Chairman)

Jim Baker

Ken Bodfish

Professor Clive Booth

Barry Camfield

Bryan Davies

Janis Kong

Russ Nathan

Winifred Oliver

David Rogers

Sarah Ward

Caroline Williams

Kevin Wilson


Sir Michael Lickiss - (Chairman)

Doris Ansari

Cairns Boston

Ewen Cameron

Peter Chalke

Nigel Costley

Tudor Evans

Helen Holland

Michael Leece

Alfred Morris

Timothy Parker

Stella Pirie

Jeremy Pope


Alex Stephenson - (Chairman)

Richard Barnes

Professor Kumar Bhattacharyya

Mike Bird

Albert Bore

Sue Davis

Anthony Harris

Jim Hunt

Christine King

David Sparks

Sukvinder Stubbs

David Thompson

Brian Woods-Scawen


Graham Hall - (Chairman)

Muriel Barker

Julian Cummins

Brian Greenwood

Richard Gregory

Lord Haskins

Stephen Houghton

Paul Jagger

Michael Johnston

Adeeba Malik

Sir Gareth Roberts

Paul Shepherd

Pamela Warhurst

'These boards fulfil the commitment we gave in our White Paper 'Building Partnerships for Prosperity' to reflect an appropriate balance of regional interests. We have already announced that the boards will be led by chairmen with solid business backgrounds.

'As regards the main regional stakeholders, within each board business experience dominates; four members are drawn from local government reflecting a balance between type and size of authority, geographical spread and party balance; and at least one member on each board can offer a strong rural perspective together with others who have relevant rural experience.

'Each board also offers expertise from the field of education and the trades union movement and, acrossthe country as a whole, the boards offer significant experience of the voluntary sector. The White Paper had envisaged boards of twelve but, while it has proved possible to constrain the potential size of the board by choosing members who can offer a range of expertise, we have decided that the full range of expertise necessary can only be achieved, at this stage, with boards of thirteen.

'All boards will have at least three women - women represent about a quarter of the membership overall. This compares well with other business focused NDPBs. Ethnic minorities make up about 5% of the board membership.

'I have today published a Departmental press release which gives biographical details of the board members. Copies ha ve been placed in the Library.'

Formal appointments to the boards of RDAs can now be made and the chairmen designate, identified in July, are now appointed formally

together with their Boards.

Welcoming the announcement of the RDA board members, Peter Mandelson, secretary of state for trade and industry, said:

'Today we have announced the appointment of talented board members who will provide strong and dynamic leadership in each region. The board members - and their chairmen - will drive forward a new co-ordinated regional approach to economic renewal.

'My forthcoming White Paper on Competitiveness, to be published later this week, draws upon discussions I have already had with the RDA chairmen. I now look forward to working closely with all the board members in putting the White Paper into action: encouraging enterprise, innovation, business collaboration and exploitation of knowledge in the regions.'

Secretary of state for education and employment David Blunkett said:

'My department welcomes the appointment of RDA board members. We look forward to working with the RDA boards in tackling the major

educational and employment challenges facing the country.'


1. The board members were chosen from a high calibre of candidates in all regions. Candidates were sought from a wide range of sources, including a public advertisement, nominations from regional and national stakeholders, and from people who had previously expressed an interest in public service. Independent assessors participated in the short listing process and in the interviews. All appointments have been made on merit, and in accordance with guidance issued by the Commissioner for Public Appointments.

2. Board members and chairmen are appointed for a three year term. Board members will be paid£7,000 pa. for two days a month and chairmen will be paid£44,000 pa. for two days a week.

3. Regional development agencies will be new business-led bodies in each of the regions of England. The intention to es tablish RDAs was announced in the government's White Paper 'Building Partnerships For Prosperity' on 3 December 1997. They will be the lead bodies at regional level for co-ordinating inward investment, raising people's skills, improving the competitiveness of business, and social and physical regeneration. They will develop and promote a regional economic strategy for their region and they will also have an important role in advising government. The Regional Development Agencies Bill received Royal Assent on 19 November 1998.

3. The creation of the London Development Agency will take account of the new arrangements for the government of London, including the way that appointments are made.

4. The chief executives of the RDAs are:

Eastern RDA Bill Samuel

East Midlands RDA Martin Briggs

North East RDA Michael Collier

North West RDA Mike Shields

South East RDA Anthony Dunnett

South West RDA Jill Barrow

West Midlands RDA Anthony Cassidy

Yorkshire and Humber RDA Martin Havenhand

5. Biographical details of the RDA board members and chairmen follow.

Eastern Region

Chairman - Vincent Watts

Vincent Watts, 57, has been the Vice-Chancellor of the University of

East Anglia since 1997. Previously a partner at Andersen Consulting

(1976-1997), he has also had secondments to the Department of Health,

the Treasury and Cabinet Office. No political activities nor other

Ministerial appointments exist.

Board Members

Sal Brinton

Sal Brinton, 43, is a Liberal Democrat County Councillor, Group

Leader and education spokeswoman. She has helped to develop new

County Council initiatives on anti-bullying, drugs education, health,

and equal opportunities policies for schools. She is currently

employed as Bursar at Selwyn College, Cambridge and was the 1997

winner of East Anglian Entrepreneurial Businesswoman of the Year. No

other Ministerial appointments exist.

Alan Cherry

Alan Cherry, 65, is the Chairman of Countryside Properties Plc. He

was a founder partner and Managing Director of the estate agency firm

of Bairstow Eves and is a member of the Board of the Teesside

Development Corporation, Chairman of the CBI Eastern Regional

Council, a member of the Bank Of England Property Forum, Chairman of

the Housing Policy Committee of The House Builders' Federation, and

Chairman of Anglia Polytechnic University Higher Education

Corporation. He supports and is a member of a number of charitable

and community organisations in the region. He was awarded an MBE in

the 1984 New Year's Honours List, and in 1991 was elected an Honorary

Member of The Royal Town Planning Institute. No political activities

nor other Ministerial appointments exist.

Peter Dawe

Peter Dawe, 43, is an entrepreneurial East of England businessman

with a diverse range of commercial enterprises in the region,

including media, telecommunications, a small manufacturing interest

and a 1500 acre arable farm. He founded Unipalm and is a sponsor of

'Cambridge Futures'. He is also an adviser to, and supporter of a

number of charities including Wintercomfort, Princes Trust, Rowan

Foundation, Cambridge Drug Action trust, and Emmaus. No political

activities nor other Ministerial appointments exist.

Greg Grant

Greg Grant, 47, is the Regional Secretary for UNISON. He has been a

full-time union official since 1980 and has extensive experience of

advising, representing and negotiating. He is a Labour Party member.

No other Ministerial appointments exist.

Ken Lewis

Ken Lewis, 60, is the founder and Managing Director of an established

engineering company. He has been the Chairman of Business Link Beds

since 1995 and Bedfordshire TEC since 1997. He was awarded the OBE in

1998 for services to business in East Anglia and was the recent

winner of DTI's Wedgwood award fo r business excellence and DTI's best

SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises). He is also a Commissioner

for St. John Ambulance Brigade. No political activities nor other

Ministerial appointments exist.

Peter Martin

Peter Martin, 54, has been an Essex County Councillor (Conservative)

since 1989, was Group Leader 1990-1993, and has been Chairman of

Eastern Area Conservative Association for last 2 years. He has

considerable experience as a managing director and chairman of

several privately owned companies. A former Managing Director of

Martin The Newsagent, he has been the Chairman of the Institute of

Directors Essex Branch since 1993. No other Ministerial appointments


Chris Mole

Chris Mole, 40, is the Labour Group Leader of Suffolk County Council.

He is a member of the Local Government Association participating on

the Europe and International Affairs Committee. He is a member of the

University of Suffolk Task Group who work in partnership with local

government and the TEC. He is also involved in developing the

council's Lowestoft Partnership aimed at promoting social and

economic regeneration. No other Ministerial appointments exist.

Richard Powell

Richard Powell, 39, is the Regional Manager of the RSPB. He has

experience of sustainable development, conservation, land management,

and business and rural affairs and tourism. He is also a member of

the Broads Authority. No political activities nor other Ministerial

appointments exist.

Neville Reyner

Neville Reyner, 53, is the Chairman of TEC since 1997 and of Business

Link Herts. Board Director of East of England Investment Agency since

1997. He has worked for Mitsubishi since 1983, was appointed

Executive Vice President of Mitsubishi Electric in Jan 1996 and is

taking up an advisory role starting in 1999. No political activities

nor other Ministerial appointments exist.

Jacqueline Russell

Jacqueline Russell, 56, is the Labour Leader of Welwyn and Hatfield

District Council. She works as a freelance staff consultant after a

career in Social Services and has carried out extensive voluntary and

counselling work in the community - in particular working with victim

support, women's refuge, and for people with mental health problems.

She established one of the first probity committees on 'Nolan' lines

in the UK and is the Chair of the council's businessforum which has

close links with the TEC, University of Hertfordshire, and Business

Links. No other Ministerial appointments exist.

Marie Skinner

Marie Skinner, 46, is a Norfolk farmer and freelance journalist,

columnist and feature writer. She was appointed by MAFF as Director

of Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA)*, and since 1997 has been a

member of National Audit Office (NAO) advisory panel. From 1992 '1997

she was the HQ Council Delegate for the NFU and has in recent years

provided training for East Anglian businesses. No political

activities exist.

[* paid at£3,671 per annum]

Stelio Stefanou

Stelio Stefanou, 46, is the Chairman and Group Chief Executive of

John Doyle PLC and its subsidiary companies. He is a Non-Executive

Director of East of England Investment Agency and has been a

Non-Executive Director of Business Link Hertfordshire since 1995. A

member of the CBI National Council since 1994 he was also the Chair

of the CBI Eastern Region 1995-1997. He was at the forefront of the

establishment of the East of England Investment Agency in 1997. No

political activities nor other Ministerial appointments exist.

East Midlands

Chairman - Derek Mapp

Up until May this year Derek Mapp, 48, was the Chairman of Tom

Cobleigh Plc. He is currently a part-time Executive Chairman of

Leapfrog Day Nurseries and owns a small hotel in Padstow and a farm

in Chesterfield. He is a non-executive director of Taylor and Francis

Plc and also a non- executive director of Churchill China plc. He is a

participant in North Nottinghamshire TEC and a former member of

Mansfield 2010. In 1971 he was a Councillor in Cheshire County

Council. He holds no othe Ministerial posts and has no political


Board Members

Jane Bradford

Jane Bradford, 52, is the Regional Managing Director of the National

Westminster Bank plc and is currently a Rural Development

Commissioner*, and on the University of Derby Council. She is active

in the local initiatives 'Race for Opportunity' and 'New Deal'. Prior

to taking up her present appointment she was Head of Small Business

Services within National Westminster Bank's Head Office. She is not

involved in any political activity.

[* paid at£5,815 per annum]

Ted Cassidy

Ted Cassidy, 52, is a Labour Councillor at Leicester City Council. He

Chairs the Environment and Development Committee and represents the

Council on a number of key organisations and partnerships in the

arts. He is the Vice-chair of the East Midlands Region Local

Government Association Planning Forum. He is also on the Boards of

the Leicester, and Leicestershire Development Agency and East

Midlands Development Company. Mr Cassidy was previously a lecturer

and now works part- time as a manager at De Montfort University. He

holds no Ministerial appointments. He is active in local Labour Party


Graham Chapman

Graham Chapman, 47, is the Labour Leader of Nottingham City Council

and is the Principal Accountant in the Resources Department at

Leicester City Council. He is currently a Director of Nottingham

Rapid Transit Board, Nottingham Energy Partnership and the Nottingham

Enviroenergy Company. He has also chaired the Housing Committee, and

overseen the transition of Nottingham to Unitary Status. He has a PhD

in Regional Development. He has no Ministerial appointments. He is

active in local Labour politics.

Martin Doughty

Martin Doughty, 49, is the Labour Leader of Derbyshire County Council

and Chair of the Peak District National Park Authority. He nationally

chairs the Association of National Park Authorities, is Vice-chair of

the Local Government Association Transport Committee and has been

heavily involved in the coalfield campaign. He is a fellow of the

Royal Society for Arts, Manufacture and Commerce and has strong

interests in sustainable development, tourism and rural transport. He

was previously a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University. He is

Director of Derbyshire Ambulance Trust*, a Ministerial appointment,

and a Director of ENTRUST, the landfill regulator (non-ministerial).

He is an active member of the Labour Party.

[* paid at£5,000 per annum]

Peter Gadsby

Peter Gadsby, 50, is the Chair of Birch plc and is a founder member

and Director of the East Midlands Development Company. He has worked

in close partnership with agencies such as local authorities and

English Partnerships to regenerate areas in the region, and is Vice

Chairman of Derby County Football Club. He is not involved in any

political activity and holds no Ministerial appointments.

Gillian Gardiner

Gillian Gardiner, 48, is a Liberal Democrat member of Leicestershire

County Council and Harborough District Council. She is the County

Council Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Planning and Environmental

Protection. She is a member of the East Midlands Region Local

Government Association Planning Forum, and was previously a lecturer

in land use studies. She holds no Ministerial appointments and is

active in Liberal Democrat politics.

Len Jackson

Len Jackson, 49, is the Managing Director of Pork Farms Bowyers

(Northern Foods plc). He is Chair of the 'Race for Opportunity'

initiative in the East Midlands, a member of the Race Employment and

Education Forum, an unpaid Ministerial appointment, and the Chair o f

Common Purpose in Nottingham. Mr Jackson is the Chair of the Greater

Nottingham Employer Coalition supporting 'New Deal'. He is also a

member of the East Midlands Business Leadership Team of Business in

the Community. He is not involved in any political activities.

Bob Middleton

Bob Middleton, 51, is the Director of the Nottinghamshire Rural

Community Council. He has 25 years of experience working in the rural

and voluntary sectors. He is a member of various regeneration

agencies in the East Midlands including the Coalfield Partnership and

he is a member of the East Midlands ACRE Network, the East Midlands

Rural Action Group, and a number of other networks. He holds no

Ministerial appointments and is not involved in any political


Peter Moore

Peter Moore, 54, is the Managing Director of Center Parcs Ltd.

and a member of the English Tourist Board*, a Ministerial

appointment. He sits on the CBI Tourism Action Group, and the

Ministerial Tourism Advisory Forum, an unpaid Ministerial

appointment. He is actively involved with the East Midlands CBI and

the East Midlands Development Council. He is not involved in any

political activity.

[* paid at£15,000 per annum]

Pat Morgan-Webb

Pat Morgan-Webb, 55, is the Principal and Chief Executive of the

further education college, New College, Nottingham. She is active in

various local partnerships relevant to college activity. She has two

unpaid Ministerial appointments, a member of the Qualifications and

Curriculum Authority, and a member of the East Midlands Regional

Committee Further Education Funding Council. She is also a Board

Director of the Greater Nottingham TEC. Ms Morgan-Webb has been a

member of the East Midlands Regional Economic Development Steering

Group, as well as a member of the East Midlands Textile and Clothing

Partnership. She is not involved in any political activity.

Christine Wood

Chr istine Wood, 56, is the Regional Secretary of the TUC Midlands

Region. She is a member of the East Midlands Development Forum, and a

Director of the East Midlands Development Company. Previously she was

a member of the Regional Advisory Panel on the Single Regeneration

Budget, as well as a Director of Mansfield 2010. She is not involved

in any political activity and holds no Ministerial appointments.

North East

Chairman - John Bridge

Dr Bridge, 55, has been the Chief Executive of Northern Development

Company (NDC) since 1988. He is a member of the European Government

Business Relations Council, a Visiting Professor at Newcastle

Business School and Durham University Business School and an Honorary

Fellow at Sunderland University. He sits on the board of Gateshead

College, Teesside Tomorrow, the Newcastle Initiative, Northern

Informatics Applications Agency, Team General Partnerships

(supervising the Midland Bank Equity Fund for the North) and is a

trustee of the Calvert Trust. He was previously the Chief Executive

of the Yorkshire and Humber Development Association.

Board Members

Alistair Arkley

Alistair Arkley, 51, is the Managing Director of Century Inns PLC, a

company developed following a management buy-in, with a current

turnover of c.£50m and employing c.1,500 staff. His business

career began in 1972 with a number of sales and marketing posts with

Procter & Gamble. He joined Scottish & Newcastle Breweries in 1979,

and was Sales & Marketing Director for Scottish Breweries from

1981-1985. He joined Cameron's Brewery, a regional brewer based in

Hartlepool, in 1985 as Managing Director, and continued in that role

when the brewery was sold to Brent Walker Group in 1989. Following

the Monopolies & Mergers Commission report on the brewing industry,

in 1991 he led a management team of ex-Brent Walker and Cameron's

colleagues in a purchase of 186 pubs from Bass, w ith a further 100

from Grand Metropolitan, Allied Breweries and Bass in 1992. His wider

experience includes directorships of Teesside TEC, Teesside Business

Link, Tees Valley Development Company and the Northern Business

Forum, as well as brewing industry involvement as a Council member at

the British Institute of Inn keeping and the Brewers and Licensed

Retailers Association. Alistair Arkley holds no other public

appointments and is not involved in political activity.

Kevin Curran

Kevin Curran, 44, is the Northern Region Secretary of the GMB Union.

A welder by trade, he moved into job training and managed the North

London Training Workshop/Camden Job Train between 1983-1988. Between

1988-1990 he was Health and Safety Officer for the GMB London Region,

developing some joint training initiatives with the private sector.

From 1990-1996 he was Regional Organiser for the GMB Southern Region,

and the Regional Industrial Organiser from 1996-1997. He became GMB

Regional Secretary in the Northern Region in 1977. He established an

independent company GMB Training services in 1995, to work in

partnership with employers to provide direct training services for

employers, supervisors, employees and their representatives. Kevin

Curran is a member of the Labour Party and holds no other public


Barbara Dennis

Barbara Dennis, 37, is the Director of Norcare Limited, a charity

providing housing and services for vulnerable people in

Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and Durham. Her voluntary sector career

began in Birmingham in 1983 where she worked as a Development Officer

for the Copec Housing Trust (1983-1986), Assistant Director of the

Birmingham United Evangelical Project (1986-1987) and Development

Officer for NACRO West Midlands (1987-1990). Between 1990-1993 she

was Regional Manager for the National Federation of Housing

Associations and Development Officer for the North East Black Housing

Development Project in 1993-1994. Barbara Dennis holds no other

public appointments and is not involved in political activity.

Professor Derek Fraser

Derek Fraser, 58, is currently, Vice-Chancellor of the University of

Teesside. A historian with a wide and varied career as a teacher in

secondary and higher education. He taught at the University of

Bradford between 1965 and 1983 becoming Professor of Modern History

in 1981. He was Professor of English History at the University of

California (Los Angeles) between 1982-1984 and on his return to the

UK worked in central government as an Inspector of Schools and Staff

Inspector for Higher Education. Between 1990-1992, he was Assistant

Principal and Deputy Principal at Sheffield City Polytechnic and

joined the University of Teesside as Vice-Chanellor and Chief

Executive in 1992. In his current post he is responsible for some

1,500 employees and 14,000 students. His wider experience includes

membership of the Board of Teesside TEC and Future Steps, the

Teesside Careers Service. At the University of Teesside, he has also

been involved in the establishment of the European Process Industries

Competitiveness Centre, with emphasis on investment and technology

transfer needs of key regional industries. Derek Fraser is not

involved in political activity and holds no other public


Phillip Hughes

Phillip Hughes, 51, is currently an Independent member of Teesdale

District Council. A part-time hill farmer and manager of Teesdale

Citizens Advice Bureau. Between 1965 and 1978 served in the Royal Air

Force as a pilot in front-line squadrons. After early retirement from

the RAF, took up hill farming and since 1988 has been manager of the

Teesdale Citizens Advice Bureau in Barnard Castle. He was elected to

Teesdale District Council in 1991. His wider interests include

membership of the Durham Rural Community Council, a director of

Groundwork Wes t Durham and member of the North Pennines AONB

Partnership. He holds an unpaid appointment as a member of the Board

of Visitors at HMYOI Deerbolt.

Richard Maudslay

Richard Maudslay, 52, was until December 1997, Managing Director,

Rolls-Royce Industrial Power Group. An electrical engineer whose

business career has been in the capital goods engineering sector,

both in the UK and overseas. In 1985 he became Managing Director of

NEI Parsons, the flagship of the NEI group, with 5,000 employees, and

in 1992 he became Managing Director of the Rolls-Royce Industrial

Power Group employing 17,500 staff world-wide. He oversaw the sale of

the Rolls- Royce large steam power generating business to Siemens in

1997. He is currently on the boards of two engineering companies in

the North East. His wider experience includes appointments as a

member of the Export Guarantees Advisory Council, the Overseas

Projects Board and North East Industrial Development Board, both of

which are unpaid. He is a member of the Council of the University of

Newcastle upon Tyne and on the Board of the Newcastle Education

Business Partnership. Richard Maudslay is not involved in political


John McCormack

John McCormack, 50, is a Labour Councillor, member of Wansbeck

District Council and Leader of the Council between 1987-1994.

Chairman of the North of England Assembly of Local Authorities

1996-1998. A manual worker in the light and electrical engineering

sector between 1964-1981, and AEU Works Convenor at NEI Reyrolle,

Ashington, between 1969-1981. Since 1992, he has been a part-time

lecturer at Northumberland College. His wider experience includes a

significant European dimension, including membership of the Assembly

of European Regions, the North Sea Commission, the Council of

Peripheral and Maritime Regions, and holds an unpaid appointment as a

member of the Interreg ll C Monitoring Committee. He is a director of

the Northern Development Company and Earth Balance Trading.

Hugh Morgan-Williams

Hugh Morgan-Williams, 45, is currently Chairman of the Canford Group

plc. A background in radio journalism, starting with Metro Radio in

1974, followed by London Broadcasting, and Independent Radio News,

becoming News Editor at Radio Tees Stockton between 1981 and 1985.

Between 1990-1992 Hugh Morgan-Williams was Treasurer of his local

Conservative Party Branch. He resigned from the Conservative Party in

1995. Between 1996 and 1998 he was Chairman of the Northern Region of

the CBI, and was a founding director of the Northern Business Forum.

He is also a director of Sunderland Training & Enterprise Council,

the Northern Development Company, the French Business Council Ltd and

two other North East businesses. Since 1996 he has been a member of

the Council of the University of Newcastle. In 1998 he was appointed

as an unpaid member of the North East Industrial Development Board,

which advises DTI on Regional Selective Assistance.

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